Revant Optics came to Enventys Partners looking for assistance executing a successful crowdfunding campaign to introduce their new lenses, Performance Eyewear Sunglasses. These high-quality, durable sunglasses are designed to last for life, and the team knew that a Kickstarter campaign would be the best way to gain customers and launch their new product.

Total Backers

Amount Raised


Percent of Goal

Our Approach

With the introduction of performance eyewear, Revant Optics needed to target 20-34 year olds, which was a younger demographic than they had previously targeted. Kickstarter served as a promotional launch platform to create excitement, ignite conversation, and provide access to consumers that would respond favorably to the product and brand vision.

To meet this goal, Revant Optics hired Enventys Partners for campaign and social media consulting, along with Facebook Ad management. Enventys Partners’ goal was to build momentum, bring awareness and introduce a new product within an already successful brand. With a funding goal of $25,000, Enventys Partners employed tactics including stretch goals, project updates, Facebook Ad campaigns and more.

The Results

The campaign for Revant Optics Performance Eyewear hit its $25,000 goal in just three hours, and ultimately raised $208,721 from 1,332 backers. The campaign also had great press coverage from outlets including Men’s Journal, Digital Trends, Outside and more. The fact that they already had a great reputation and a huge customer list created a strong foundation that played a big role in their overall success. This helped Enventys Partners create a clear and strategic roadmap that made a significant impact on the campaign.