Flipping the Script on Conventional Potty Training.

When Craig Hammond’s three-year-old son was potty training, he ran into a nighttime dilemma: use nighttime diapers and delay the potty training process or risk his son waking up in a puddle of his own urine. After waking up in a large puddle of his son’s urine one morning after letting him crawl into bed in the middle of the night, Craig decided to invent his own solution after finding no viable response to his dilemma. Made from super-absorbent clothing materials and with the discrete, fashionable look of pajamas, PEEjamas was created as the first pajamas to help kids potty train more quickly, saving parents time and hundreds of dollars a year.

Our Approach

Using Facebook Ads to Propel a Campaign

With 22 days to go in their campaign, PEEjamas brought in an average of $1,100 per day but were slowing down and looking for a boost. They sought out Enventys Partners to help them elevate their traffic and pledges through Facebook advertising.

Enventys Partners has worked on hundreds of Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns through Facebook advertising. Equipped with our cumulative knowledge of similar child and parent-targeted campaigns, as well as additional strategies, the team was able to segment past backers and tailor Facebook ad messaging so that these well-targeted audiences were sure to back PEEjamas.

Within three days, Enventys Partners was able to turn 11 of 14 targeted audiences into converting audiences with a Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) well over 10 to 1. Enventys Partners also surpassed PEEjamas’ highest funding day.

By day six, the team established 15 converting audiences with a positive ROAS and doubled PEEjamas’ funding goal. As more audiences continued to convert, daily budgets scaled up and more audiences were added to bring more traffic and, ultimately, more pledges.

The more well-targeted traffic Enventys Partners drove to the campaign, the more pledges PEEjamas gained and the more press the campaign received.

(Graph of Google searches after we joined the campaign compared to before we joined.)


The #1 Funded Childrenswear Kickstarter Campaign

It is clear that Enventys Partners’ marketing efforts helped propel PEEjamas to the coveted spot of the #1 most funded childrenswear Kickstarter campaign. Originally trending to raise only $45,000 before utilizing Facebook advertising, PEEjamas surpassed all other childrenswear campaigns to become the most funded project ever. With a 648% increase in campaign traffic and a 337% increase in daily funding, Enventys Partners helped PEEjamas raise over $200,000, resulting in an overall campaign funding total of $227,468 with 2,471 backers. This was 1,624% of their initial $14,000 funding goal.

Press outlets such as ROMPER and babycenter covered the campaign as PEEjamas continued to exceed their funding goal. In the last 22 days alone, the campaign garnered nearly a 450% increase in Google organic search traffic.

In the end, a combination of Facebook advertising, PR and a great product  turned PEEjamas into a historic Kickstarter campaign. To learn more about PEEjamas, you can now find them on their Indiegogo InDemand crowdfunding page.*

Amount Raised


Percent of Goal

Total Backers

*Results are based on Enventys Partners’ success during PEEjamas’ Kickstarter campaign. Once their Kickstarter campaign ended, PEEjamas transitioned to Indiegogo InDemand to continue to take orders. They are still a client.