Case Study


The Background

The creators of OYO NOVA Gym approached Enventys Partners seeking assistance crowdfunding their portable, lightweight, total-body strength trainer and workout system. After helping fund OYO Fitness’s first campaign, the Double Flex Black Pro, we were asked to use our marketing expertise a second time. With a funding goal of $30,000, Enventys Partners embarked on a strategy that included Google Ads, Facebook Ads, email marketing, web development and public relations

“Really enjoyed working with the Enventys Partners team, you have a great workflow and process down.”

– Graham Ripple, Chief Operations Officer of OYO Fitness

OYO NOVA Gym Case Study

Our Approach

Before OYO NOVA Gym’s Kickstarter launch, Enventys Partners created a landing page to collect subscribers and implemented a lead generation campaign to get the word out. With Facebook lead ads, we were able to gather new emails from lookalike audiences, which were created from our proprietary lists as well as OYO Fitness’ previous customer list. Through email marketing, our team nurtured the new and existing leads with a drip campaign so they stayed excited and ready for the launch.

To maximize results, Enventys Partners implemented Facebook traffic campaigns to pinpoint custom and interest-based audiences. Then, we used conversion campaigns to retarget those who showed interest in OYO NOVA Gym.

Between video, image, GIF and carousel advertising, the top-performing ads included still images and videos showcasing the product being used at home. We a/b tested the copy and other elements of the most successful ads to ensure as many conversions as possible.

Our PR included two features in the ProductHype Newsletter; one that was an exclusive feature and one that was highlighted among other products. We also pitched the campaign to a variety of media outlets in the fitness and tech industries.

To bring in additional backers, Enventys Partners implemented flash sale campaigns while the client leveraged the SpaceX launch to highlight the product’s NASA roots. OYO Fitness founder, Paul Francis, invented OYO NOVA Gym’s SpiraFlex technology originally for the NASA iRED, the first resistive exercise device for space.

The Results

OYO NOVA Gym ended the campaign with astonishing results which earned it the title of the most funded fitness product on Kickstarter in history! Not only were all stretch goals met, but backers hit its funding goal in less than an hour, a rare accomplishment.

OYO welcomed 26,199 backers to raise a total of $4,411,495, which was 14704% above the funding goal.

Both, our great working relationship with the client and OYO NOVA Gym’s quality assets were instrumental in the campaign’s success. Through quick and agile communication, the creative team constantly provided us with new videos, GIFs, and images, keeping the messaging refreshed during the course of the campaign.


Funding Goal Reached