Outbound Lighting. High Performance, Long Lasting Bike Lights



After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Outbound Lighting approached Enventys Partners for assistance marketing their LED bike lights using paid media. Enventys Partners’ Facebook Advertising team had managed Facebook Ads during the Outbound Lighting Kickstarter campaign, and Outbound Lighting was so pleased with the results and quality of service that they chose to continue working with the team.


Revenue Attributed to Paid Media


Revenue Increased in First Six Weeks of Ads


Total Revenue Growth Between August and November

Our Approach

Outbound Lighting was banking on a successful summer and fall, since that’s the peak season for mountain biking and cycling, along with holiday sales, to carry the business through the off-season. Enventys Partners quickly took over the company’s Facebook Advertising efforts and aggressively tested a variety of audiences and messaging strategies to see what combination would produce the best results. Enventys Partners used the knowledge they gained from already working on the account previously, so some campaigns simply needed to be optimized. Enventys Partners’ Facebook Advertising specialists worked with the Outbound Lighting team to gradually increase ad spend over the course of five months.

Enventys Partners had to overcome a unique challenge while marketing Outbound Lighting’s products: no inventory in the fall due to a 138% increase in sales from August to September. The team had to rely on clever copywriting to position the product as the must-have accessory for bike riders, regardless of whether the product was in stock or not. This copy was used in ad campaigns that played up the scarcity of the product, which appeared to entice customers even more; rather than a decline in sales, Outbound Lighting saw an increase in sales.

Enventys Partners also faced the challenge of selling a product online without the help of promotions and special offers. During this time, the company offered new customers a discount when they signed up and offered free shipping to customers online, but other than that, there were no special offers.

The Results

Despite running out of inventory in early October, October and November saw the best sales metrics since Outbound Lighting launched as an ecommerce business. By correctly identifying audiences, testing messaging and driving traffic to a well-built site, the product sold easily, even when there was no inventory. Outbound Lighting has an engaging, easy-to-navigate website with a variety of landing pages and a lot of content, which helped tremendously; several of the ads had a quality score of 10, which is difficult to achieve.

Overall, Enventys Partners’ paid media efforts contributed to 39% of Outbound Lighting’s total revenue during a five-month period. Enventys Partners’ Facebook Advertising specialists increased revenue by 130% within the first six weeks of engagement and grew revenue by 671% between August and November.

Enventys Partners is a professional team that is quick to resolve issues and answer questions. They were able to achieve a strong positive ROI very quickly, within weeks rather than months.

– Matthew Conte, Founder & Engineer