Orboot by PlayShifu


Transitioning From Kickstarter to Ecommerce Marketing, PlayShifu Prepared to Take the Globe by Storm

PlayShifu is a company that makes educational games that are enhanced with augmented reality. They began their time working with the crowdfunding services team at Enventys Partners for their campaign, Orboot, the educational, augmented-reality globe. After raising 519% of their goal, they transitioned to the Enventys Partners ecommerce marketing team to capitalize on the success of their Kickstarter campaign and carry that momentum over to their online business. In addition to selling Orboot on their website, PlayShifu came to the Enventys Partners ecommerce marketing team for Facebook Ad expertise with the goal of selling all of their products on both their website and eventually Amazon.

“Given our comfort level of working with Enventys Partners, we decided to go with them for our US market after our crowdfunding campaign. We were pleasantly surprised at how soon we were able to setup and improve the efficiency of the campaigns, and overall, how well we performed in December, making it a pretty good first holiday season for us.”

– Vivek Goyal, PlayShifu

Our Approach

Increasing ROAS While Finding New Audiences

PlayShifu began their partnership with the Enventys Partners ecommerce team in November, right before Black Friday and the holiday season. Using the data from their Kickstarter campaign, the team focused on retargeting and creating lookalike audiences to drive high-quality traffic to their website and Amazon listing. This allowed the team to take advantage of the holiday sales and the time of year when people are ready to shop for themselves and others. This resulted in a 211.42% ROI for the month of December.

Another challenge PlayShifu brought to the Enventys Partners ecommerce team was the desire to find new audiences. While the Kickstarter audience base is strong, it can also be limited in terms of which countries make up the backer community, as well as the age demographics of the average crowdfunding audience. The Enventys Partners ecommerce team began testing other audiences and countries to better understand the global potential of PlayShifu. As a result, they were able to gather some valuable information to further refine their audiences.

In February, they had two goals – refocus on Orboot-specific audiences and begin driving traffic to PlayShifu’s Amazon listing. The new information from the previous months also allowed the team to refocus and make a significant push for both goals. Due to the lack of attribution available on the Amazon dashboard, the Enventys Partners team needed to get creative to ensure they were maximizing their efforts for PlayShifu. This included weekly testing against a control group to measure the return on ad spend by formulating a testing method following the scientific method. After creating a hypothesis based on the engagement of their audiences, the Enventys Partners team began testing audiences with strong Click-Through Rates (CTR) to determine which audiences were contributing the most sales. For example, the top three audiences were consistently earning a higher CTR than others. So, they wanted to know if the top three audiences were actually generating in sales, and if so, how much?

As the team received results, Enventys Partners was able to identify the top audiences that generated the most sales by the budgets of winning audiences, establishing a new control each week and continuing the experiment with a different audience. This effort has pushed PlayShifu’s ROI further, giving them a ROI of 115.81% for the month of March.

Coming off the heels of the holiday season can be tough for any online retailer as January and February are usually slow revenue months for most. However, the team took advantage of this down time and dedicated January and February to testing numerous audiences against a control group so they could expand their audience base while still selling product.

This experience was made possible by the assurance of the symbiotic relationship between client and team that allows campaigns to take risks and succeed. Now that they have narrowed in on the audiences that consistently perform well and increased their budget, they have been able to maximize the client’s spend.


A 211.42% Return on Advertising Spend

As a result of Facebook Advertising efforts, Enventys Partners has been able to increase PlayShifu’s website and Amazon impressions well over the two million mark, resulting in a positive return on their investment. Most notably, during the holiday season, they were able to provide a 211.42% ROI on all products.


Return on Ad Spend

Website Impressions from Campaign

Amazon Listing Impressions