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ORBI Prime is the first ever 360° video recording eyewear. Equipped with four 1080p cameras offering 4K resolution and encased in a durable polycarbonate frame, ORBI Prime makes capturing and sharing breathtaking videos as easy as wearing a pair of glasses. This technology is also equipped with built-in Wi-Fi for instant sharing of your most wild adventures. Founded by a team of veteran hardware and software engineers from leading institutions such as MIT, UC Berkeley and Electronic Arts, as well as professional photographers and outdoor enthusiasts, ORBI Prime was uniquely positioned to stand out among the emerging 360° video industry.

Our Approach

Taking it to the Next Level

The team at ORBI Prime launched their Indiegogo campaign with a goal of $75,000, which was the minimum cost to manufacture and distribute their product once the campaign ended. They reached this goal within the first seven days of their campaign, due largely to a significant email list that they reached out to on launch day, but soon after had a significant drop in purchases. With the massive potential that they saw for their product, they realized that they needed to break away from what they had been doing and bring in a team of crowdfunding marketing experts.

They came to Enventys Partners after working with another marketing agency that performed well below their standards, in need of a significant boost. ORBI Prime brought on Enventys Partners eight days after their launch, right after they reached their initial funding goal. They had received some significant media attention on their own, but were failing to generate any real traction on their previous marketing efforts.

Enventys Partners had the challenge of identifying audiences who were likely to purchase this highly niche product. We were also faced with the challenge of generating media coverage that would lead to a greater amount of conversions, as their previous press attention led to a great deal of traffic with very few purchases. Enventys Partners also helped introduce several flash sales to take advantage of the holiday season including a very successful Cyber Monday flash sale in the midst of the most competitive online purchasing time of the year.


Crushing Their Goals En Route to 390% in Funding

ORBI Prime and Enventys Partners worked together to dramatically change the trajectory of their campaign. As evidenced by the graph below, Enventys Partners led ORBI Prime to some of the best days of their campaign.

Including InDemand, ORBI Prime was able to raise $292,159, which is 390% of their initial goal of $75,000. The Enventys Partners team also achieved the following:

  • 33.4% ($72,317) of their total funding came directly from Enventys Partners’ tracked advertising links after ORBI Prime began our partnership.
  • ORBI Prime was featured on: Digital Trends, Wareable, TrendHunter, Yahoo! News, Gadget Sin, Brit + Co, PR Newswire, Omicrono, Backer Kit, Hypergrid Business, Cool Wearable, iPhoneness, Hellocoton, ValueWalk, LensVid, PocketNow, Mobiles365, WSMV, KitGuru and many more major media outlets.
  •  Enventys Partners effectively drove 82,215 highly-targeted visitors to ORBI Prime’s campaign page through Facebook advertising, press releases, media coverage and social media efforts.
  •  Expanded the brand’s fan base on social media platforms and created a following of backers for ongoing engagement with the brand.

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