Marketing so bright you need shades

Nectar Sunglasses is a lifestyle company founded by two surfers and longtime friends in Charleston, SC. Their mission is to create dynamic eyewear fit for life’s greatest adventures. Their beach-inspired brand is made for everyone, from bold risk-takers to travel enthusiasts to those looking for the perfect shades for a day out with friends.

Nectar came to us with the task of reinvigorating their existing sales through social media and paid advertising.

Our Approach

Increased Fan Engagement Via User-Generated Content

Part of the success of the engagement with their fans was due to the monthly submission contest we created on Instagram. The goals of this contest were to increase awareness of the Nectar brand on Instagram, encourage engagement and brand promotion, and supply the team with a backlog of photo assets. Fans simply had to submit their most “epic photo” for a chance to win a pair of sunglasses. In just two months we were inundated with quality submissions that we were able to repurpose for even more brand-relevant content.

During our time with Nectar Sunglasses, we managed their organic Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, increasing their overall following by 21% in just two months. Through creating and posting content that was either brand-relevant or brand-related on their social platforms, were able to grow their Facebook engagement by 318.69% as well as increase their Instagram engagement by 45.9%.

Our Results

185% Increase in Monthly Revenue

By capitalizing on paid advertising and seasonal trends, Enventys Partners’ efforts resulted in an additional 185% in monthly revenue for Nectar and was responsible for over 50% of all sales, resulting in a 250% ROI on ad spend.

Through paid advertising and organic social media management, we were able to not only increase sales, but aid in the overall growth of the Nectar brand through our strategic campaigns, sales and promotions.


Increased Monthly Revenue


Return on Advertising Investment


Increased Facebook Engagement


Increased Social Following