Case Study

HomeBase and Solar Boombox Ecosystem by Solgaard

The Background

The team at Solgaard approached Enventys Partners seeking assistance crowdfunding their HomeBase and Solar Boombox Ecosystem, made from ocean plastic. After receiving less-than-expected results from their first two agencies during the launch, the client decided to hire us instead to finish out the campaign.

With a previous working relationship under our belt, Enventys Partners had helped fund three Solgaard products already: Lifepack, Lifepack Hustle and Daypack. This time, we were tasked with sending relevant traffic to the HomeBase and Solar Boombox Ecosystem Kickstarter campaign. 

With a funding goal of $25K, we initiated social, search and display ads as well as ProductHype newsletter features.
HomeBase and Solar Boombox Ecosystem by Solgaard

Our Approach

Pulling out all the stops, Enventys Partners ran multiple traffic and conversion campaigns through Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Google Search ads and Google display ads. Our team used internal backers lists, lookalike audiences, Solgaard’s past backer list as well as interest-based targeting which included tech, Kickstarter, eco-friendly, solar energy, iPhone and smart home audiences. In addition to testing copy, we also tried out a variety of assets such as still images of different sizes, gifs, videos of different lengths and motion images. Finally, Enventys Partners initiated dynamic ads to determine the best-performing assets and copy to use for the remainder of the campaign.

Additionally, Enventys Partners organized two ProductHype newsletters for Solgaard: an exclusive launch day feature as well as an “ending soon” round-up with three other highly-funded campaigns.

The Results

By the end of the campaign, Solgaard raised $601,389 with the help of 3,043 backers and their team was thrilled with our contributions to their campaign.

Drawing in over 3,000 visitors to their crowdfunding page, ProductHype’s exclusive launch day feature raised $26,891, a large majority of their first-day funding. By the end, the newsletter bolstered Solgaard’s campaign by $31,718 in revenue with 171 total conversions.

Backers Brought in by Enventys Partners


Percent of Funding Goal

Funding Brought in by Enventys Partners