Holly & Tanager. Timeless, Thoughtfully-Designed Leather Handbags and Accessories.



Holly & Tanager, a company that creates timeless, thoughtfully-designed leather handbags and accessories, needed outside assistance with paid media and email marketing. After learning of Enventys Partners’ proven success in marketing products within the fashion industry, the company enlisted Enventys Partners’ team of experts for ecommerce support.

Average ROAS for Google Ads

Highest Monthly ROAS for Google Ads

Our Approach

Holly & Tanager launched only a year prior to engaging Enventys Partners for marketing support. During their first year of business, they focused on building their website, developing their social media accounts and securing media coverage. Their efforts proved quite successful; Holly & Tanager was featured in several online publications, including Buzzfeed and Travel & Leisure, and the company was promoted by a number of social media influencers. Holly & Tanager quickly amassed a collection of positive customer reviews, further strengthening the brand and drawing attention to the company’s best sellers. With so much success early on, paid media advertising and a tailored email marketing strategy were not channels the company had time to explore and test.

Thus, Holly & Tanager was eager to try out Facebook advertising. Testing creatives, messaging, audiences and offers can be expensive, and it can take several months to correctly identify the right combination. Enventys Partners opted to allocate some media spend to Google Ads while also testing ads on Facebook. Because Holly & Tanager had a strong brand name, Enventys Partners’ PPC experts created a branded search campaign and a retargeting campaign on Google, and supported it with a relatively conservative budget. These campaigns capitalized on the brand name and branded search terms, and ensured that the company would continue to generate revenue while simultaneously testing advertising on Facebook.

At the start of this ecommerce marketing campaign, Holly & Tanager lacked keyword-rich content on their website, so non-branded campaigns and long-tail search campaigns did not perform well. For this reason, Enventys Partners identified areas within their website that would benefit from keyword-rich content, such as product pages and special collection landing pages, then provided Holy & Tanager with guidelines and resources to help them develop content on their own. Without keyword-rich content sitewide, the performance of the branded search campaigns would eventually plateau.

The Results

For the duration of Holly & Tanager’s marketing campaign, Enventys Partners achieved an average return on ad spend (ROAS) for Google Ads of 5.87. For the month of January, when it is typically slow for retailers and ecommerce businesses, Google Ads reported a remarkable 12.36 ROAS.

In addition to improved sales from paid advertising, Enventys Partners was able to to uncover important insights that Holly & Tanager can use to make decisions about marketing and promotions. For example, Enventys Partners discovered that Holly & Tanager, like other similar higher-end brands, performed exceptionally well between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Despite a pre-Black Friday sale, customers seemed to wait until Black Friday to make a purchase, presumably because that’s when they assumed they could get the best deal. Furthermore, Enventys Partners helped Holly & Tanager confirm effectiveness of a strategy that capitalizes on branded terms to generate money while testing and exploring new approaches.

Enventys Partners has a great account/support team and is always extremely timely with responding.

– Kathryn Rogers, Co-founder, and Head of Sales and Marketing