Clone Pillow: The advanced, contoured body pillow that uses cooling gel and memory foam



Clone Pillow began their marketing relationship with Enventys Partners when they launched their wildly successful crowdfunding campaign for their revolutionary cooling body pillow. During this time, the Enventys Partners crowdfunding team built a solid foundation with Clone Pillow by bringing them the results they were seeking.

However, as with many successful crowdfunding creators, Clone Pillow was faced with an issue – though they had a stellar campaign, they were not quite ready for immediate fulfillment, and they also didn’t want to lose their marketing momentum. Fortunately, the Enventys Partners ecommerce marketing team not only understands how to pre-sell products online, but also how to market and launch products in their post-crowdfunding stages. This level of knowledge made the transition from one marketing team to the other a logical and seamless move for Clone Pillow.

Average ROAS for Google Ads

Percent Sales Increase From May to August

Our Approach

Though they designed a beautiful crowdfunding page, Clone Pillow’s online presence was still limited, as they did not yet have a fully-developed website. The ecommerce team did not see this as a hurdle, however, as they were able to build high-converting landing pages with Zipify. These landing pages were also A/B tested so that the team could confidently drive their paid traffic efforts to the strongest page.

One page focused on the benefits of the product and the other on a “limited-time offer.” Both landing pages advertised the same product price but the latter landing page communicated urgency and exclusivity. After running cold traffic to both landing pages for a few weeks, the team had a clear winner: the limited-time offer.

Enventys Partners’ advertising team then launched a low-budget branded campaign through Google, intended to attract customers searching for a cooling aid to improve sleep comfort. Casting a wide net and using keywords like “body pillow” exposed the brand to new customers, however, this user group searching with these keywords do not have a high purchasing intent. Instead, by utilizing long-tail keywords, like “cooling body pillow for night sweat” or “cooling gel body pillow,” the team was able to hone in on their ideal audience; that being customers who have a temperature-related sleep problem and know cooling products are the solution. Overall, the branded campaign had an average ROAS of 4.4 and at one time, a ROAS of 7.7.

In parallel to the Google campaign, the team also ran Facebook ads. The best strategies included a retargeting campaign consisting of users who visited the website in the last 180 days, as well as lookalike audiences created with the help of the client’s existing email list. Targeting cold prospects, while expensive, produced solid results and identified consumer segments, including “side sleepers” and those needing sleep comfort while pregnant. Overall, Facebook advertising resulted in a 3.0 ROAS over a six-week period.

Since Clone Pillow is a new company and hadn’t shipped any of their crowdfunding products at the time, there were no reviews of the product. More than ever, reviews are incredibly important to consumers’ decision-making processes. Without product reviews, customers lack product and brand trust.

Until product was shipped to backers and pre-order customers, and reviews were collected, customers had to rely on communication coming from Clone Pillow via social media, email marketing and Kickstarter updates. Throughout their time with Clone Pillow, the Enventys Partners team also worked with the client to strategize when and how to communicate with customers to ensure the brand was viewed as transparent and therefore, trustworthy. This undoubtedly supported the team’s other marketing efforts.

The Results

Overall, paid media efforts resulted in a 182.38% ROI for Clone Pillow. The Enventys Partners ads were responsible for generating 89% of all sales collected through the website.

At one point, the team’s ROAS on Google was 7.17. Month over month, their ROI was over 100%; 101.44% in June, 212.30% in July, and 250.55% in August. Not only that, between May and August, sales increase by 10451.7%.

In addition to results, the Enventys Partners ecommerce team also relies on creating a personalized, hands-on approach for each client. Results are best found when working together to market clients’ products through testing and education, and the results were certainly apparent with Clone Pillow’s post-crowdfunding ecommerce success.