Bunch O Balloons


Josh Malone, a dad of eight from Texas, came to us wanting to revolutionize water balloon fights for every parent out there. He designed Bunch O Balloons, a device that attaches directly to a hose and is able to fill and tie over 100 waters in under 60 seconds. After careful design and preparation, Malone was ready to bring his bring his idea to Kickstarter to raise funds for mass-production and distribution.

PR Boosted Storytelling

The idea behind the Bunch O Balloons marketing campaign was to use Malone’s story and family to appeal to the general public. Command Partners used targeted public relations to reach out to media for coverage, gain awareness and drive traffic to the Kickstarter campaign. Social media also played a key part in the Bunch O Balloons strategy by serving as a way to reach out to the public. Command Partners used Twitter and Facebook to gain a following and engage with potential backers.

The crowdfunding team started with pre-launch efforts that included generating a social media following on both Twitter and Facebook as well as reaching out to major media outlets to get people familiar with the product and build excitement about the upcoming Kickstarter campaign. The team maintained the excitement with these followers via email marketing, being sure to stay at the front of their minds until Bunch O Balloons launched.

In preparation for launch, the crowdfunding team provided strategy consulting so that the campaign launch was a huge success on day one. This included preparing the campaign page itself, writing copy and designing graphics to create a compelling Kickstarter page.


Wanted $10,000, Raised $929,160

Command Partners worked to create a more successful campaign than Malone thought possible. Bunch O Balloons raised 9291% of the original goal, with a total of $929,160.

The PR team was able to get outstanding coverage for Bunch O Balloons, which was featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Buzzfeed, Mashable, TIME, Yahoo News, People, Trend Hunter, Sports Illustrated, ABC News, Huffington Post, Business Insider, Wired, Gadget Review, Popsugar, The Verge, Gizmodo, BoredPanda, Ars Technica, Digital Trends, CNN Money and Gizmag.

Malone went on to sign an exclusive deal with well-known toy distributor ZURU, who now manufactures and distributes Bunch O Balloons to their vast global network of toy distributors including WAL-MART and Toys “R” Us.

Amount Raised


Percent of Goal

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