A Healthy Marketing Plan Leads To Healthy Results

Brondell is a healthy home brand that specializes in bidets, water filters, air purifiers, filtered shower heads and heated toilet seats. After working with our crowdfunding department to launch their premier bidet, the Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Seat, they decided to transition to our ecommerce marketing department for a full-service digital marketing experience.

Brondell came to us with the task of increasing online sales and improving the company’s online presence as a whole.


Marketing That Doesn’t Stink – Immersive Marketing For Exponential Results

In order to improve Brondell’s ecommerce sales and online presence, we needed all hands on deck. The services we provided for Brondell included PPC and AdWord campaigns, organic social media marketing, influencer marketing for link building opportunities, email marketing, blog writing and strategic website copy updates for SEO purposes to capture the attention of their audience.

We began by focusing on a key tactic that wasn’t being utilized to its fullest potential – email marketing. By creating email content that promoted strategic sales, as well as helped foster and incubate the Brondell community through providing knowledgeable yet fun information, email marketing significantly aided in reaching our yearly revenue objectives.

Our range of social media initiatives also contributed to our plans. In terms of paid advertising on Facebook, by focusing on branded and unbranded keywords, we were able to help drive traffic to Brondell’s site, support our overall revenue goals and increase brand awareness. With organic social media management, we were able to continue to grow their audience and increase brand awareness. Through our influencer marketing and link building efforts, we have been able to secure online reviews that continue to build brand awareness and drive traffic to the site.

Lastly, content creation and improvement played a large role in increasing Brondell’s website traffic. Whether we evergreened current website and blog content or created new copy, every strategic decision was made with SEO best practices in mind in order to increase site traffic for keyword-driven results.

As we began to apply our efforts as a unit, we knew we were in for big results that would make a splash.


49.96% Increase in Revenue Compared to the Previous Year

As a result of our efforts in paid advertising, email marketing, copywriting and more, the Enventys Partners team was able to increase Brondell’s revenue by 49.96%, with Q4’s revenue up 115% when compared to Q4’s revenue of the previous year, and email marketing contributing to 10.36% of Brondell’s total revenue.

Overall, we were able to increase their site traffic by 27.36% per month, on average, while increasing their social following by 4.91% in the last six months of the year. Through our collective efforts, we were able to not only increase sales but aid in the overall growth of the Brondell brand through our strategic campaigns, copywriting, promotions and outreach.


Increased Revenue


Return on Advertising Investment


Average Monthly Traffic Increase