Case Study


The Background

Ten days after launching on Indiegogo, Enventys Partners joined the Beyond Nordic team to help them raise funds for their latest creation: an updated version of their classic hiking pant, BN001, but now made with the zip-off pantleg technology. Even though it already reached its funding goal, Beyond Nordic wanted Enventys Partners to broaden the project’s visibility to lead in additional backers. Enventys Partners provided them active campaign services in the form of Facebook Advertising and a ProductHype newsletter feature.


Enventys Partners provided Beyond Nordic with active campaign services in the form of Facebook Advertising and a ProductHype newsletter feature.
BN002 for Men and Women

Our Approach

To drive the best traffic to BN002’s crowdfunding page, our Facebook Ads strategy required thorough testing of ads and audiences throughout the campaign. Our team tried out two sets of copy and three product images (one lifestyle photo and two close-ups focused on BN002’s features) to determine the best performing ad. We also tested different audiences derived from our internal backer list and Facebook lookalike audiences. We hoped those with interests in the outdoors, fashion, travel and sustainability would also show interest in BN002. And by displaying the ads through Top Kickstarter Projects pages, we established credibility so audiences are more likely to want to learn about BN002.

Additionally, our team included BN002 in a standard feature of ProductHype, a product newsletter with over 280,000 subscribers to date.

The Results

BN002 reached their funding goal of 50,000 kr (about $5,790 USD) in less than two hours after launch. After taking on the campaign 10days later, Enventys Partners raised an additional $60,768 (about 519,019 kr) from our Facebook ads alone and achieved 3.78 ROAS! Furthermore, our ProductHype newsletter brought in $2,208. By the end of the campaign, BN002 generated 1,827,468 kr (about $211,651 USD) from 1,563 backers.


Percentage of Funding Goal Raised

Amount Raised from Facebook Ads