BackStrong: The Chair that Fixes How You Sit



The BackStrong chair launched on Kickstarter with some BIG supporters – literally. Shaquille O’Neal, all 7 feet of him, along with dozens of other A-list celebrities, praised the wonders of the BackStrong chair and the magical hands of its world-renowned creator, Chiropractor Dennis Colonello. Celebrities from Justin Bieber to Paula Abdul agreed that if anyone could craft a chair to fix the way you sit, it’d be Dr. Colonello.

With Hollywood’s full support behind the campaign, BackStrong launched poised to blow past their lofty goal of $100,000. But as the early days of the campaign went by, they realized that they had a big problem – hardly anyone was buying their chair. After joining the BackStrong campaign, the Enventys Partners team was tasked to find out why.


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Our Approach

The team immediately recognized that the product itself wasn’t the issue. The BackStrong chair truly was revolutionary – people did want an affordable luxury seat that would comfortably improve their posture.

The layout of BackStrong’s campaign page, though, needed a facelift. Bogged down with paragraph after paragraph of text, the page lacked flow and vision. There were few images of the chair itself, and a mismatched collection of graphics left users so overwhelmed that they left the page without backing the project.

So priority #1 was set – to fix the page.

The design team worked quickly to completely re-design BackStrong’s page: new images, new copy and new graphics. Results were immediate.

The Results

Once the new page layout was established, there was a noticeable spike in revenue from that point forward.

But a sparkling new page does little good if nobody sees it, so the team amplified the re-design’s impact by driving a significant amount of Facebook Ad traffic to the new page. Over 17,000 people arrived to the page via Facebook ads from over 15 different targeting segments. The Ads team achieved an impressive ROI, as every $1 spent on ads brought in nearly $7 of tracked revenue.

BackStrong is a classic example of a campaign that benefited dramatically from new messaging. A steady stream of Facebook Ad traffic, paired with a simplified page layout helped BackStrong recover from a slow start to raise an impressive $525,890.