Case Study

Arebo: The One-Touch Body Dryer

The Background

The team at Miracle Healthcare came to Enventys Partners for assistance on their crowdfunding campaign, Arebo, the 1-touch body dryer that dries your body in seconds. After working with the client on another project, our crowdfunding and Facebook Advertising expertise was needed for a second time. Enventys Partners was confident we could support this high-tech, post-shower product launch and reach its project funding goal of $10,000.

Enventys Partners’ mission was to drive quality traffic to Arebo’s campaign page through two methods.

Our Approach

First, our team strategized a Facebook Advertising plan tailored to finding and converting Arebo’s target market.

In order to show the product’s unique features, we crafted a variety of scroll-stopping media which included GIF, Mojo and static advertisements. Enventys Partners was then able to target various audiences using our internal backer database derived from past projects. To keep our budget competitive, we scaled up or turned off what was and wasn’t converting based on the ROAS. The audiences that proved to be the most successful had interests in sustainability, health and fitness, home products and technology. The team displayed these ads during the pre-launch phase and throughout the live Kickstarter campaign, giving as much opportunity as possible to potential backers.

Our second tactic was through PR, specifically a ProductHype Newsletter feature. Anyone who subscribes to this blog’s email messaging was provided the opportunity to learn about and back this product.

The Results

By the end of Arebo’s campaign, both tactics deployed through Facebook Advertising and the ProductHype Newsletter proved fruitful. Using precise targeting and engaging media, our ads were able to maintain 3.25 ROAS throughout the campaign’s duration. Additionally, ProductHype was able to bring in $18,603.00 for the project. When it was all said and done, Arebo raised $110,559 with the support of 433 backers, hitting their target goal by 1105%!

Arebo, creators of the 1-touch body dryer, had found their target market, successfully converted backers and raised well over their crowdfunding goal with the help of Enventys Partners. If your product needs crowdfunding marketing support, reach out to us for help. Not only do we provide Kickstarter and Indiegogo expertise, our team of professionals that can also accommodate needs in product development and ecommerce.


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