Antonia Saint NY


The High-Tech Heel & Flat Campaign that took Kickstarter by Storm

After raising over $1.8 million on Kickstarter, Antonia Saint NY is possibly one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns of its category. The campaign, which sold women’s high-heels and flats that were technologically-designed to feel like sneakers, was developed to intersect both technology and tradition. Antonia Saint Dunbar is one of the masterminds behind the wildly successful high-heel shoe campaign. After leading the design and success of the game-changing innovations at THINX and ICON, (both solutions companies for women), Antonia continued her success as the Co-Founder and CEO of Antonia Saint NY. Here she is joined by Co-Founder/CFO Obed Cepeda who was also instrumental in the beginning of THINX.

When the Antonia Saint NY Kickstarter campaign launched, it quickly became one of the most successful women’s shoe campaigns on the platform. There were several major factors that played a role in the success of this $1.8 million campaign. Led by a team of experts, Antonia Saint NY already had an established brand name and company history. The company’s innovative product design and clear, user-friendly campaign page created excitement among consumers within the market. Additionally, the right combination of Facebook advertising, PR and campaign strategy were also defining factors in the campaign’s success.


Bringing a “sneaker-like” high-heel shoe to market

The Enventys Partners team was brought on to help Antonia Saint NY with their Facebook advertising, PR and overall campaign strategy. Enventys Partners had to come up with a very detailed and in-depth Facebook advertising campaign in order to help Antonia Saint NY reach their internal goal of over $1.5 million. The team started with a short pre-launch campaign, to collect email address and ultimately begin testing ads and audiences for the duration of the live campaign. Once the campaign went live, Enventys Partners started with an ad campaign that included about 20 different ad sets with numerous objectives, and by the end of the campaign, over 40 different audiences were running and converting users into backers. Although the momentum of the campaign started out somewhat slow, ultimately the campaign picked up and continued to build every day – raising the bar higher and higher.


3,690% funded with an ROI from Facebook ads of 7.03

With the help of Enventys Partners, the Antonia Saint NY campaign raised $1,845,714 which was 3,690% of their original $50,000 Kickstarter funding goal. The Enventys Partners’ Facebook advertising strategy was responsible for $439,486 of the total revenue and 1,796 of the total number of backers. The ROI (return on investment) from Facebook ads alone was over 7X.

The Enventys Partners PR team was able to secure coverage in several top-tier outlets such as Real Simple Magazine and The Verge. In the end, a team of people with the right combination of drive and focus were able to bring this project to life. To learn more about Antonia Saint NY, visit the crowdfunding page.

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