A Better Backpack by Thread International



A Better Backpack reached out to Enventys Partners for help crowdfunding a backpack made from recycled plastic bottles that looks amazing and can carry everything you need. More specifically, the company was looking for a team who could boost their campaign through Facebook advertising.

Total Backers

Amount Raised


Percent of Goal

Our Approach

A Better Backpack launched their Kickstarter campaign prior to working with Enventys Partners, and hit their $45,000 funding goal on the first day. When funding began to slow down mid-campaign, the company decided to team up with Enventys Partners in the final 13 days to try to increase the momentum using Facebook advertising. . Due to their experience with a variety of crowdfunding campaigns, including backpack-related products, Enventys Partners’ Facebook Advertising experts were able to leverage similar past backers and lookalike audiences using Facebook ad targeting. As the ads optimized and sent more traffic to the page, A Better Backpack’s overall daily funding picked up again.

A Better Backpack was also picked to be featured in the Product Hype newsletter. On the day of this feature, the campaign raised over $13,500.

The Results

With only 13 days left in the campaign, Enventys Partners was able to get eight different audiences to convert from Facebook ads while keeping a positive ROAS. During these 13 days, the overall traffic increased by 218.45% and the campaign revenue increased by 43.35%.

In total, A Better Backpack raised $571,353, which was 1,269% of the original goal, from 3,533 backers.