20 / 20

A Vision for a Cancer-Free World

The 20/20 Genesystems team is not focused on eyesight, but they do have a grand vision to make the world a healthier place. They have set out to reduce cancer deaths in the U.S. and around the world through new early detection technology. 20/20’s mission is to make early detection more available to the population along with using machine learning to provide customers with a more accurate cancer risk profile.

20/20 Genesystems went live on the MicroVentures equity crowdfunding platform. The campaign made a huge splash in the equity crowdfunding space as one of the biggest raises the equity community has seen in a while.

Our Approach

Using Paid Media and Email Marketing to Gather Investments


20/20 Genesystems completed a 60-day raise as a Regulation CF campaign. The investment goal for the round was $1,070,000. As one of the few biotech companies in the equity space, combined with the significant funding goal, this was going to be no small feat.

20/20 GeneSystems called on the Enventys Partners crowdfunding team. With years of rewards-based crowdfunding experience and recent success in the equity realm, Enventys Partners was up for the challenge.

The Enventys Partners paid media team worked closely with the 20/20 team to build out a detailed and effective strategy for Facebook advertising. The team focused on targeting individuals interested in the healthcare space with a high net worth. Rather than highlighting the great opportunity for investment, the Enventys Partners paid media team focused more on the positive implications this technology has for healthcare. They called on potential investors to “join the cause”.

With close relations to the MicroVentures team, the Enventys Partners paid advertising experts were able to place the Facebook Pixel on the campaign page, which until this time required special backend programming. This allowed the advertising team to utilize conversion optimization campaigns. By providing more insight into the demographic profiles of the converting traffic these types of campaigns proved to be the most successful.

Through strategic relationship building, Enventys Partners has grown a list of 15,000+ angel investors focused in the equity crowdfunding space. The Enventys Partners team was able to reach out to these potential investors with several email marketing campaigns. After seeing above industry average open and click rates, it was certain that the 20/20 campaign was to be a big hit.


More Than $1 Million Raised in Less Than 60 Days


The 20/20 campaign was able to reach its maximum investment number at $1,070,000 with 3 days left in the campaign. They were unable to accept any new investors since they maxed out the current offering. This is not a common occurrence. Raising over $1M in just over 55 days is a phenomenal achievement and proves that there is certainly a market for this innovative technology.

With over 14 worldwide pending patents related to cancer screening, we will certainly be seeing more of 20/20 Genesystems in the future!

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