Why Millennials Excel in Digital Marketing

It seems that recently, there are new articles every day about the pros and cons of having Millennials on your team. Millennials have an overwhelmingly bad reputation in the workplace.

Older generations see us as unconventional, inattentive and addicted to technology. What I see, though, is a generation that is fresh-thinking, quick to adapt to new situations and passionate about the newest technology and tools that are going to change people’s lives for the better. These are all qualities that are sought-after in the digital marketing profession.

The digital marketing sphere is a fast-paced environment filled with ever-changing tactics and audiences. What may have worked yesterday, is likely to need tweaked today – digital marketing professionals like myself need to be prepared to adapt quickly to ensure that we’re doing the best work possible for our clients. Because Millennials were raised with the internet and are so engaged with technology on a day-to-day basis, we’re able to identify the ever-changing trends and change with them. Unlike other generations, Millennials learned about the Internet and social media in schools. Many of us have been active social media users since our early teens and by now are able to identify how to cut through all of the noise and get our message heard on certain social channels.

Jared Strichek, a member of Enventys Partners’ search marketing team said this on the subject, “The Internet wasn’t a tool that was introduced to our arsenal after we had established daily routines – it was a part of our daily routine. This helps me succeed at my job because it gives me a different insight into how others use the Internet to find things. I can envision search queries that people would use to find a product and that helps me develop better keyword strategies that a non-millennial might not necessarily think of.”

This way of thinking and integration of technology into our daily lives also impacts millennial’s work ethic. Because we’re always connected to our email, to social media, to apps, and more, we don’t work 9-5 like traditional employees. We expect flexibility and less conventional workplaces from our employers, but in exchange, we’re willing to work late nights and weekends when necessary.

While these habits mean that we’re always available for work, it also means that we are excellent multi-tasker. Jessica Chesney, Director of Communications at Enventys Partners said, “Throughout the work day, I’m checking my Twitter feed and interacting with influencers, overseeing the PR department and handling client concerns. I’m also in constant contact with my coworkers here, and aware of my online “surroundings”, all while being prepared to put on any “hat” that may be required of me that day.”

Millennials don’t just want to casually browse the internet, we want to be constantly connected, because this is all we know. We’ve grown up in a society that immediately runs to social media with the latest news, and while some may see this as obsessive, I see this as brilliant. Our generation is better connected, more engaged and better informed than our parents before us.

This all means that we’re hardwired to excel in digital marketing. Enventys Partners embraces the unconventional wisdom that millennials provide, and some of our most innovative marketing ideas have come from bright 20-somethings.