Top 5 Most Funded Camera Projects on Kickstarter

Kickstarter has been home to many successful projects in many categories, but we have recently had the pleasure of working with the HEXO+ team to raise over $1.3 million. Kickstarter has seen the rise of a number of camera and photography innovations that tinkerers and entrepreneurs have created, and we have highlighted the top 5 camera projects here.

1. The 360cam

The 360cam from GIRPOTIC is the first camera to boast full, 360 degree panoramic filming and streaming in an affordable package. Costing a mere $346 on Kickstarter, the 360cam raised a total of $1,419,068 from 3,916 backers.

2. The Lomography Petzval Portrait Lens

The Petzval Portrait lens was the preferred portrait lens of the 19th century, and has long been sought after by photographers looking to produce the crisp, saturated images with the signature bokeh that makes images shot with the Petzval immediately recognizable. Lomography took this idea and created a new lens to fit all Nikon F & Canon EF Mount Analog & Digital SLR Cameras. The project raised a total of $1,396,149 from 3,379 backers.

3. The AirDog Autofollow GoPro Drone

The AirDog is a GoPro drone with a flight computer that allows it to follow users while they’re doing extreme sports, or it can be flown in manual mode for more advanced maneuvers. The AirDog raised $1,368,177 from 1,357 people.

4. The HEXO+ Autonomous Aerial Camera Drone

The HEXO+ is another autonomous aerial camera drone that can be used with a GoPro or a 360cam. Users simply sync their mobile phone with HEXO+, launch the drone to a hovering position and pinch their mobile screen to set the distance and angle between the subject and HEXO+ using a live feed of the camera’s point of view. Once filming settings and angles are selected, the drone will automatically take off, fly to its specified position and hover there until the subject starts moving – no pilot, no camera operator necessary. The HEXO+ raised $1,302,812 from 2,336 people.

5. The Lomo’Instant Camera

The Lomo’Instant Camera is an instant film camera that allows users to experiment with three different lenses, as well as a number of other features. The Lomo’Instant Camera provides an Instagram-like look and feel, while giving users a physical memento to give to their friends, post on the wall, or otherwise cherish the moment the way that we did before digital cameras. The Lomo’Instant Camera raised $1,118,333 from 8,448 backers.