Top 5 Marketing Podcasts

Over the past couple of years, marketing podcasts have become increasingly popular. More and more people are moving away from online articles and turning to downloadable audio shows to learn more about a certain industry or breaking news. To help make commutes, plane rides and even the workday easier, we have compiled the top five most useful podcasts, by category, for marketing mavens.
  1. Genre: General Marketing
    Title: Marketing Smarts
    Why we like it: This weekly podcast has everything from interviews to advice. They take some of the most influential people in the industry and get inside their head to give their listeners insight and “real” advice. The conversations sometimes stem from their online counterpart
    30 minute episodes.

  2. Genre: Public Relations
    Title: For Immediate Release – The Hobson & Holtz Report
    Why we like it: This podcast is geared more toward people in public relations. The weekly podcast is updated every Monday and is hosted by Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz. There are also a variety of shows within the FIR Network that are useful, ranging from one about Young PR Pros to a Media Bullseye Roundtable.
    Around one to two hours per episode.

  3. Genre: Social Media Marketing
    Title: Social Media Marketing Podcast
    Why we like it: This podcast is all about Social Media Marketing, as you might have guessed. It is one of the top 10 products on iTunes and has a large number of supporters with an average 4.5 star rating. The show is only 10 minutes long, but is updated daily. The subjects on the show are formulated as quick tips that help bring helpful information “to take your social media to an entirely new level.”
    10 minute episodes.

  4. Genre: Marketing News
    Title: Marketing Over Coffee
    Why we like it: More than just tips and tricks on how to jumpstart your marketing department, Marketing Over Coffee is a weekly podcast that focuses on the news-side of marketing. This podcast is ideal for the days where you don’t want to be schooled, just informed.
    Under 30 minutes per episode.

  5. Genre: Crowdfunding
    Title: Art of the Kickstart
    Why we like it: We might be biased, but Art of the Kickstart (AOTK) is one of the most efficient ways to stay informed on the crowdfunding side of marketing. Produced by Enventys Partners, AOTK interviews the creators of various types of crowdfunding campaigns to learn what they did well and what didn’t work out so great. It is like the ultimate backstage pass into the million-dollar campaigns you hear about.
    Around 15-20 minutes per episode.

When podcasts were first introduced, it seemed as though no one cared. Over the past couple of years, the stigma has changed as the topics became more relatable, interactive and convenient. According to an article by, there are four types of podcasts: The Queue (2-4 mins), The Commute (18-15 mins), The Conditioner (30-45 minutes) and The Companion (1-1.5 hours).

In short, the internet is chock-full of inspirational, informative and fun podcasts. No matter your mood, goal, interests, etc. there is something to occupy your drive to work or time spent in the DMV line. Also, if you have a tip for an AOTK interview, email us!

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