Top 4 Things to Know about Twitter’s New Design

Just in case you missed it, Twitter has rolled out a brand new design for your homepage. Your new profile page has undergone a bit of a makeover and is resembling a certain other social network, aka, Facebook. However, the team over at Twitter has brought you more than just a new design to celebrate its eighth birthday. Here are the four tips you need to know about the new layout and how to best use Twitter’s latest design for your business.

1. Emphasis on Cover Photo

It’s time to ditch those branded background images and put your efforts into the cover photo. Twitter’s new layout now features a 1500×500 image that is the main focus of your profile page. The large size makes the cover photo the first thing visitors and potential followers will notice, so it is important to make a great first impression. That means creating a unique and high-quality image that proudly represents you or your brand is a must! Plus, with Twitter’s new design, your cover image will show in the preview for “related accounts to follow,” so the photo needs to resonate in smaller form as well. Here are some good examples of accounts taking advantage of Twitter’s new design:

  • @jimmyfallon
  • @oreo
  • @afl
  • @mashable

2. New Top Navigation Bar

Another change is Twitter’s new top bar. First, your profile picture is no longer located in the middle of the cover photo. Twitter’s new design has moved the picture to left side of the navigation bar so it is now off to the side. Even though the picture is bigger, it is no longer the central focus of the page. However, it is still important to keep your logo as the profile picture because it will be associated with your tweets in your follower’s feed. The navigation bar allows users to click through to view Tweets, Photos/Videos, Following, Followers, Favorites and a drop-down menu for More (aka Lists and potential for new additions).

3. Tweet Feed

The entire layout of your feed on your profile page is completely revamped. There are now two different feeds for you and users to view. The first is a stream of just your tweets and retweets. The second includes both your tweets and as well as replies, allowing both you and your followers to filter the main feed. Another new aspect of Twitter’s new layout is that you are able to pin a tweet to the top of your feed. This new feature makes it easy for you to spotlight a certain tweet, such as a contest or an awesome PR hit, for all to easily see. Twitter’s new feed also highlights your current activity in two different ways. First of all, it shows the most recent accounts you’ve followed. Secondly, it makes posts that have more RTs, replies and favorites larger in the timeline to easily identify content that is popular.

4. Photos/Videos Featured

Twitter’s new layout draws more attention to pictures and videos on your profile page. The first is that the larger Twitter timeline features the images by making them larger. With a bigger layout, photos are easily visible in tweets. Also, with the new tab in the navigation bar, visitors can easily click to see all the tweets that include images in one collage. Pro tip: Did you know that tweets with images get 18% more clicks and 150% more retweets? Make sure you add variety to the images you share because they will all be displayed with this new tab for photos and videos. This makes it even more important to have quality images and assets to use for social media.