Tools and Services for Fulfilling a Crowdfunding Project

Congratulations – you’ve won the support of hundreds or thousands of backers! Some just want to support the ingeniousness of your idea, but for many, they’ve pledged their money in exchange for perks or products. Upon the completion of fulfilling a crowdfunding project, you must execute your promises. This process involves many steps.

Gathering Information for Crowdfunding Fulfillment

To reward your supporters, you must know who they are, how to reach them and their mailing addresses. You can collect this information using a survey. Your crowdfunding platform will usually send out a questionnaire only once. You should consider what data you will need ahead of time, so you can provide it to your campaign organization when you’ve successfully funded your project. Keep in mind that addresses, either email or physical, must be verified to ensure delivery takes place.

Managing the Logistics of Crowdfunding Fulfillment

Among the tasks you’ll encounter in fulfillment are mass mailing, warehousing and packaging. If you don’t have the resources to handle them, you are not alone. Many businesses cannot perform these functions on their own, and many firms can act as your partner in the process. We detail some examples below.


Floship fulfills more international crowdfunding orders than any other logistics company. If you enlist the aid of this firm, a certified logistics plan will be developed for you free of charge, to help you avoid unexpected financial pressures. The plan will include:

  • Calculating realistic cost projections and pricing
  • Guaranteeing a reasonable delivery schedule
  • Determining shipping costs
  • Arranging the handling of returns

Once Floship has completed your plan, you can display their seal on your campaign site to build the confidence of your potential backers.


If you need software that will sync with your online shopping cart, and automatically import your orders, Shipmonk can provide it. From then on, the company can handle all aspects of fulfillment, including picking, packing and promptly shipping each order. Shipmonk’s services are both customizable and scalable. If the results of your campaign exceed expectations, they can easily handle the uptick in business. Having the logistical nuts and bolts covered will allow you to concentrate on marketing and selling your idea.


BlackBox is a new type of shipping company developed by the creators of Cards Against Humanity. If you choose BlackBox, you must do so at the beginning of your campaign, to generate shipping estimates for your backers. In contrast with the previously mentioned firms, it works like a cooperative. Inventors and innovators like you join forces to get the best deals on pricing, shipping and service. Additionally, BlackBox has warehouses all over the world to provide you with storage. At the end of your campaign, it will send out the agreed upon merchandise to your supporters. BlackBox ensures fast service and pays your sales tax. It can ship all types of items, from fragile products to posters, and it will select the appropriate packaging to get your products safely to their recipients.

Other Options

Other fulfillment options available for your campaign include EasyShip, Fulfillrite, Riley Life, ShipBob, Shotput, SourceSelect, Swag and Whiplash. Each one offers a specialty ranging from setting up warehousing to manufacturing and drop shipping. By examining their offerings, you can choose the fulfillment provider to serve both you and your backers best.

Need Additional Help Fulfilling Your Campaign Orders?

If the number and type of fulfillment options seem overwhelming, Enventys Partners can help. Our crowdfunding services help ensure project success.

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