My Time As A Enventys Partners’ Intern

While the valuable lessons taught in the classroom provide a solid foundation for career and personal development, what is new right now will be considered old news within a matter of days or weeks. It is impossible to rely solely on a classroom education to survive in today’s ever competitive and evolving business world. Strong communication skills go beyond public relations theory, and Enventys Partners taught me the value of experience.

When I started my internship with Enventys Partners at the beginning of this year, I didn’t know what to expect. I was excited to get the chance to learn the day-to-day operations of the Internet marketing industry, but a million thoughts ran through my head. Being a natural born worrywart, my biggest fear was that I was going to get in everyone’s way by asking too many questions.

Unlike routine administrative duties my classmates are assigned in their respective internships, the Enventys Partners team made sure that I was learning through a variety of diverse projects from writing blogs, press releases and website content, to sitting in on client meetings and conference calls.

Writing for class assignments is very dry: I have only one audience (the professor), and the only goal was to communicate a clear message in order to earn a decent grade. By working for Enventys Partners with real clients, I have matured my writing and communication skills by learning how to interact with specific publics.

Prior to beginning this internship, my knowledge of social media and the digital world was minimal. I had a Facebook profile and Twitter account, but I rarely used either of them. The only site I was actively interacting on was Pinterest. Since then, I’ve learned the importance of networking professionally through many sites such as LinkedIn and Google+ and how it helps a business grow and network.