The Farming of Great Content Part 2


In part 1 of this blog, we described how to create original and interesting content in terms of farming. In part 2, we are utilizing my 23 years of dairy farming knowledge to explain how to promote your content through various digital channels. Just li …

In part 1 of this blog, we described how to create original and interesting content in terms of farming. In part 2, we are utilizing my 23 years of dairy farming knowledge to explain how to promote your content through various digital channels. Just like in farming, once the milk, or content, leaves the creator, it has to go through a process to make it perfect to share with the consumer.

In case you didn’t read The Farming of Great Content Part 1, which you should probably go change right about now, we’re talking about the art of writing content. Since custom content is viewed as the future of marketing and 90% of consumers find custom content useful, it is important to fully understand the power of content and how to use it correctly.

3. Milk Time Scheduling = SEO

Unfortunately, no matter how much I like to believe that the 500 cows on my family dairy farm are pets, my dad constantly reminds me that their main job is producing milk. That is why it is important to find the ideal times for each group of cows to produce the most milk, and develop a schedule to increase efficiency. Finding and sticking to a milking schedule is a lot like writing your content with SEO in mind. However, just like with cows, you can’t over milk your content with SEO keywords.

We couldn’t say it better than Search Engine Guide: “Every paragraph is full of keyword opportunities but if you added every keyword possible then you’re in real danger of keyword stuffing. The last thing you want is for your keyword rich content to have too many keywords in it. Your visitors that came looking for a site based on the keyword they searched for will have a difficult time getting past the over-stuffed keyword content. Your keywordfilled message will be lost due to the over use of keywords in the keyword content.” – Catch the drift?

There is a reason farmers only schedule milking times for three times a day, because more than that would be less productive and produce less milk. By overloading your content with keywords to help your search engine optimization rankings will actually hurt your site. Not only will Google know what you’re up to, readers will become annoyed with your content and not want to read your blog. It is important to find the right balance.

4. Pasteurizing and Selling Milk = Editing and Posting Content

You know that whole, 2%, or skim milk you love? Well it starts out as unedited milk that is directly from the cow. Before the milk hits the shelves of stores, there is a process called pasteurization which removes all the bad stuff that no one wants to drink, and reduces it to different types of milk for individual milk drinkers.

Pasteurizing milk is similar to editing content before it is posted. Instead of putting content up that has typos and other mistakes that nobody wants to read, editing allows you to put your best content out there for readers to consume. It also provides the opportunity for you to customize the content to fit different audiences.

The final milk product, whether it be whole, 2%, or skim milk, is the perfect content you share with the world. No matter if it’s in tweet, Facebook update, or blog form, it is important to make your post as interesting as possible. Think of the title as the milk label, you need to make it as intriguing and eye-catching as possible, so it encourages viewers to read and engage with your post. A.K.A, you want them to drink in your brand of content over anyone elses.

5. Hard Work = Hard Work

There is a lot of hard work that goes into both farming and generating content. Just like farmers, content creators have to put in countless hours doing field work to grow organic content. Granted, it’s a much different form of field work to grow organic seeds. While farmers spend all day on a tractor plowing, planting, spraying, and chopping, content creators need to read blogs, follow current Twitter trends, attend conferences, and stay up to date on the latest industry news. The hard work never ends. If farmers or content creators want to be the best, they can’t take weekends off and be constantly available for anything that arises. “You can’t get complacent. You have to continue what you’ve been doing every day and then add to it if there something that will be beneficial.”


Digital marketing may seem like a completely different world than living on a farm, but the facts are still the same. There are no substitutions for working hard, and taking short cuts will only hurt you, the brand, and consumers in the end. Whether it be for social media, mobile copy, or blogs, the content has a major impact on your audience. With 9 out of 10 organizations marketing with content, you have to make sure your custom content stands out among the rest. That is why you have to dedicate 110% of yourself to the process of generating custom content.

If you are looking for help with any aspect of content creation, from generating topic ideas to best practices for SEO, then contact the professionals atEnventys Partners. We have the knowledge, experience, and innovation to help make your content stand out among the herd.

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