The 15 Million Dollar Indiegogo Technology Projects


The fundamental principle behind crowdfunding is that it allows the public to pick which projects succeed. Some projects are able to reach out, market their crowdfunding idea and stir up so much excitement within a community that they raise millions of …

The fundamental principle behind crowdfunding is that it allows the public to pick which projects succeed. Some projects are able to reach out, market their crowdfunding idea and stir up so much excitement within a community that they raise millions of dollars. Technological advances have found a new home in the crowdfunding platform. Here are the 15 most successfully funded technology projects on Indiegogo to date:

#1 Ubuntu Edge $12,814,216

Ubuntu Edge, Indiegogo’s highest earning campaign, is surprisingly considered a failure. The campaign earned $12,814,216, which is $10,000,000 more than the next highest funded campaign on all of Indiegogo. However, the whopping 12 million dollars was only 40 percent of Ubuntu’s overall goal.

The Ubuntu Edge is essentially the smartphone of the future and even called a “superphone.” The high-end smartphone would run on Ubuntu Touch and Android software, the first smartphone to ever to offer dual-boot between operating systems as a standard feature. It would also be able to function as a fully operational PC when attached to a monitor.

#3 Opal Nugget Ice Maker $2,768,619

OPAL is an affordable and portable nugget ice maker. You don’t even need a water line, just clean water and some power. Nugget ice is normally either produce by large, expensive appliances or only available at retail. OPAL is half the price of similar machines and adds the portability factor.

#3 SKULLY AR-1 $2,449,537

SKULLY is the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet. This helmet has heads-up display, rearview camera, and GPS navigation. It seeks to change the way motorcyclists view the road while they ride. The wide-angle rearview camera helps riders stay fully aware of their environment at all times and keep their eyes on the road ahead. Complete with bluetooth and integrated audio, SKULLY is the ultimate helmet for all riders.

#3 JIBO $1,737,519

The futuristic dream of having an in-home robot helper is closer than ever with JIBO. Filled with features, JIBO is able to see, hear, speak and learn from its surroundings. JIBO connects to Wi-Fi and is built on an open platform which can easily be synced to smart homes and smartphones.

#5 Solar Roadways $2,200,366

Solar Roadways was a successful campaign with a simple mission: to create a better tomorrow. Scott and Julie Brusaw took the idea of solar power, and used it to create octagonal plates that could harness power from the sun and redirect it. The idea was to eventually replace every street, sidewalk, and parking lot in the country with these solar panels and end America’s dependence on fossil fuels.

#6 Canary $1,961,663

Marketed as “the world’s first smart home security device,” Canary is a home security system that can be tracked and monitored from a smartphone. What makes Canary unique is that it learns your home’s habits and gives the most accurate updates. Canary is equipped with an HD camera, microphone, siren and sensor that monitors motion, temperature, and air quality.

#7 Scanadu Scout $1,662,187

Medical knowledge at your fingertips. That is the appeal behind Scanadu Scout. Scanadu Scout is a wireless device that can be taken anywhere and instantly reads a person’s heart rate, blood pressure, ECG, temperature and much more. The results of these tests are then displayed on a smartphone and can be shared with doctors, parents, and friends.

#8 KREYOS $1,502,846

KREYOS Meteor is a smart watch that syncs with any iOS or Android device to allow hands-free communication and more. By using gesture control technology, KREYOS is able to track activity, heart rate, and remotely control any Wi-Fi connected devices. KREYOS also offers speakers and microphone with voice-to-text technology to make communication through calls and texting available anytime.

#9 Let’s Build A Goddamn Tesla Museum $1,370,461

This movement, created by Matthew Inman of the popular website, sought to rally people to donate so that the home of the late Nikola Tesla could be purchased and converted into a museum honoring his life and contributions to modern technology. The campaign originally asked for $850,000 but quickly found Internet fame and was able to greatly exceed their goal.

#10 Geek Wave $1,321,851

Geek Wave is an MP3 player for the most extreme audiophiles. It claims to have unmatched music quality features as well as a user-friendly interface and extensive battery life.

#11 AIRTAME $1,268,332

AIRTAME allows users to wirelessly share any content from any computer to any screen. Unlike competitors, AIRTAME is compatible with any operating system and connects to any screen with an HDMI port. Splitting screens and sharing data has never been easier!

#12 TrackR bravo $1,266,364

Using a GPS tracking system, TrackR bravo helps you keep track of all your things. This ultra-thin tracking device is the perfect size to slip into wallets, purses, onto the back of cell phones and other valuable items to make sure they can always be found. TrackR bravo also uses a unique GPS network to let you know if someone else is close to your misplaced item. This helpful gadget exceeded its original funding goal by over 6,000 percent.

#13 Panono $1,250,028

This fun, creative camera allows you to take pictures in 360 degrees. Panono is a unique camera that uses multiple lenses in a ball shape to capture 360 degree, full-spherical panoramic pictures. The beautiful images are great for scenery, landscapes and even group pictures.

#14 Geek Pulse $1,174,075

Another big crowdfunding win for audiophiles. This portable amplifier, or “Awesomifier,” attaches to any digital music source and enhances the quality of music to extreme high definition. Geek Pulse is unlike other portable HD amplifiers because it can be attached to headphones or speakers.

#15 Healbe GoBe $1,081,445

Healbe GoBe is a wearable, automatic body manager. Simply by touching your skin through the wearable bracelet, Healbe Gobe is able to manage and track caloric intake, exercise, hydration, sleep patterns and even stress. The device effortless syncs with any smartphone to give a detailed presentation of the wearer’s health throughout the day.

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