TechCrunch Disrupt 2015 Takeaways

At Enventys Partners, we help companies start something big by launching and marketing their ideas online. This is our core mission, and this week I was able to surround myself with an entire conference of people and organizations that share that vision: TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. The number of products and technologies on display was astounding, but it paled in comparison to the optimistic energy in the room. The people I met truly believe that their inventions are going to change the world.

Here are a few examples:


From Photoshop to Gimp, one thing is standard: it takes significant time to master the application so that your best work comes through in a polished, refined manner. Vectr aims to change that with a surprisingly simple interface built on top of a complex engine.

One killer feature? Image embedding similar to Adobe’s Smart Objects that allows your development team to embed your designer’s image one time. Edits the designer makes in Vectr can then be pushed out to all digital instances without needing any changes to the site itself. No code changes, no CMS logins.


We have several photographers and one hobbyist astronomer working at Enventys Partners, and we’ve had recent crowdfunding success with Sphericam 2, a VR camera. That’s why we immediately understood how TinyMOS has a good chance at being an innovator in digital imagery.

One killer feature? It’s extremely sensitive in low light situations. Simply put, it makes it easier to take incredible pictures of the night sky. See for yourself.


I normally eschew describing a new product in the “It’s [Facebook] for [insert industry here]” format. But SproutUp is Klout (or Kred) for crowdfunding. It’s a place for reviewers and inventors with similar interests to collaborate through the process of providing samples for review.

One killer feature? An algorithm and process that makes sure your product samples and trials go to the best-suited reviewer in your niche with the highest social metrics to make the biggest impact on audiences who may be interested in your product.


There have been numerous recent events that cause consumers to question the purity and safety of their drinking water. News stories detailing the detrimental effects of fracking, coal ash spills and other “accidental discharges” into our water supply are a weekly occurrence that highlight a growing problem; individuals don’t have the resources or equipment to know if the water they are drinking is safe. Enter Ecomo, a water purity sensor and filter in a single portable product.

One killer feature? It’s hard to pick just one. The BIGGEST killer feature is that Ecomo’s purity sensors and filtration system work in sync with one another. The sensor identifies contaminants in the water and then intelligently engages Ecomo’sfilters to remove them. A close second is Ecomo’s portability. It can mount on a sink faucet in your house, or work on its own by simply placing it over a cup and pouring water through it. It’s also solar-powered; you can literally use it anywhere.


There were so many exhibitors at TechCrunch Disrupt that it’s nearly impossible to see everything there. Is there something I missed that you’d like to bring to our attention? Leave it in the comments below.