Solving Landing Page Problems in your Ecommerce Conversion Funnel

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  1. Problem: No Clear Calls to Action – Pages that don’t give visitors a clear direction on what to do or where to go have zero chance of turning pageviews into leads.By changing the text of a call to action button, click through rate increased by 90%.
  2. Testing with just 5 users can find 85% of your site’s problems TWEET THIS!
  3. Solution: Test Call to Actions – Just like in ads, test the variations of button size, color, and placement; as well as length and required fields for email signups or contact forms. 47% of websites have a clear call-to-action button that takes users 3 seconds or less to see.
  4. Problem: Doesn’t Display Benefits of Product – Simply saying “hey here is our product” isn’t enough, give a bulleted or short explanation of the product’s benefits.By decreasing form complexity in a 3-step form conversions increased by 30%
  5. Solution: Simplify – Remember the KISS method, use bullets and lists to display product benefits and only include must-have information, including pricing and benefits. This is goes double for forms.
  6. Problem: Too Confusing or Too Much Information – A landing page with too much information that isn’t relevant to the ad that they clicked will turn visitors off and won’t convert. TWEET THIS!By utilizing dynamic landing pages that generated content based off what the visitor was searching for, conversion rates increased 105% for Avis UK.
  7. Solution: One Landing Page Per Product – This will allow you to target your ads for specific products, and give visitors exactly what they were expecting when they clicked the ad.