Solving Ad Problems in your Ecommerce Conversion Funnel

  1. Problem: Wrong Keywords – Poor keyword research can kill an otherwise perfect campaign. Finding the proper search term means avoiding phrases that are too general and capture visitor’s who are ready to buy your product.80% of paid conversions come from 11-25 length keywords.  TWEET THIS!
  2. Solution: New Keyword Targeting – Test new keywords and continue research to dive deeper into potential search queries.
  3. Problem: Poor Targeting – While proper keyword research will identify display opportunities it is important to look at other target demographics like age, gender, salary and web surfing habits.Remarketed ads helped drive down online cost per acquisition by 85%.
  4. Solution: Retarget – Find the audience that will be interested in your ad, making them more likely to act on the product or offer they see.
  5. Problem: Poor Ad Copy –  If the copy in the ad is boring, irrelevant, or does not have a clear call to action, no one is going to bother clicking through.When we included a price in the ad copy, click costs for a high end retailer fell by over 35% without impacting sales revenue.
  6. Solution: Focus Ad Copy on Benefits (& Price) – Better keyword targeting means more informed ad viewers. Give them the info they want up front.  TWEET THIS!
  7. Problem: Lack of Metrics & Testing – There is an old saying in marketing that says “I know 50% of my marketing is working, I just don’t know which 50%.” Campaigns without proper tracking only add to this confusion.Over an 18 month period of testing keywords, ads, and landing pages, we increased B2B sales for a national client by 73%!
  8. Solution: Use Analytics & Test Everything – Statistics programs like Google Analytics and Clicky allow clients to attribute leads and conversions to specific channels as well as test different combinations to optimize campaigns.