Should You Pursue Indiegogo’s InDemand Platform Once Your Crowdfunding Project Ends?

Congratulations! You’ve worked hard during your crowdfunding campaign, and as things begin to wrap up, you may be wondering, “now what?” Planning, pitching and selling a crowdfunding campaign is no easy feat. If your project is successful and you continue to draw traffic to your crowdfunding page, you might want to consider extending discounted perks until your product is ready for mass production.

There are a few options we offer our clients who have launched successful crowdfunding campaigns. Whether your project funds on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, we either suggest selling your product through your website (if it’s ready) or taking advantage of Indiegogo’s InDemand platform to accept pre-orders until your website is live. Check out the highlighted tips below to see which option is best for you and your product:

What is InDemand?

InDemand is a program offered through Indiegogo. With InDemand, you’re able to continue pre-selling your product and raising money without deadlines or an additional fundraising goal. If you used Kickstarter as your initial crowdfunding site, InDemand is a great option for leveraging your campaign and reaching a whole new audience. If you used Indiegogo as your original crowdfunding platform, you’ll have the opportunity to be featured in Indiegogo’s weekly newsletters and social channels too!

InDemand sounds great, but I’m still not sure which option is best for me.

Let’s break it down further: are you on track for delivering rewards to your initial backers? Are people still interested in your campaign? Has your campaign ended, yet you’re still receiving purchasing requests from those who missed out? These are all questions you need to consider when deciding on whether or not InDemand is a viable option. If you’re a medium-to-large company that raised a substantial amount of money, and you’re on track in shipping rewards out to backers, it might be easier for you to pre-sell directly from your website and save money on Indiegogo’s platform fees. However, if you’re a startup or small company without a website, InDemand may be easier to manage rewards, access your campaign’s analytics and track engagement activity.

How do I set up my InDemand page? Do I have to re-create my whole campaign?

Not at all! It’s an easy transition from Kickstarter or Indiegogo over to InDemand. If you ran an Indiegogo campaign, simply click the “Opt in to InDemand” box once your funding period has ended. On the other hand, if you used a platform such as Kickstarter, you’ll need to contact the Indiegogo team to help transition your campaign. Once Indiegogo gets you set up, you’ll have the ability to edit perks, your story, payment details and more. The only thing you won’t be able to edit is your original funding goal and how much you’ve already raised — but you want to show that off anyway!

Whether you just completed a campaign, are wrapping things up or have had booming success early in your campaign, InDemand is a great option for you to consider. If you’re interested in learning more about InDemand and how it can benefit your unique campaign, contact us at Enventys Partners for information.

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