Samples, Working Prototypes and Why They Are Important for Crowdfunding

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So, you’ve decided you want to bring your idea to life through crowdfunding. Just how far along in design should your product be in order to attract backers and carry out a successful campaign?

In our experience, having a “proof of concept” through samples and working prototypes gives your product a major boost, add credibility to your campaign and often attract more backers.

There are a variety of prototypes, some of which are optimal for specific product types, including proof of concept, 3D printing, designs for demonstration and more.

Below we explain the benefits of having prototypes and samples and how they can play a role in the success of your campaign.


Having Samples and Working Prototypes Can Affect Your Crowdfunding Options


The stage of your prototyping can have an impact on what crowdfunding platform you will be able to use for your project. Take a look at the requirements of each platform when you consider which one will be best for your campaign.

Kickstarter requires that you prove your idea and prototype works before you launch. This means that you need to have decided all of the technologies that will be used in your product and you have put them together into one prototype that demonstrates what your product can do what you say. It does not have to be perfect, but it needs to show that the product is real and that it works.

Indiegogo offers more flexibility in terms of where a product is in its development phase. You can create a project for a product that is still in the concept phase, the prototype phase, or the manufacturing stage. You are required to label which phase your product is in.

Product development for crowdfunding will not look the same across the board, as it is dependent on each project. However, you must have some proof of concept to participate on a crowdfunding platform.


Working Prototypes and Samples Could Result in Better Press


A successful public relations strategy is a valuable piece of launching a crowdfunding project. Positive press adds legitimacy to campaigns and gives people confidence in a product and the team behind it. Public relations also helps to get your product and your story in front of a wider audience more quickly.

Having a prototype and launching with samples is hugely important if PR is a primary goal. Many journalists are more likely to write about your campaign if they have a tangible product in front of them because they can try out the product and provide their reviews to their readers that trust them. If you have a buttoned-up prototype or a production-quality sample, it is much easier to sell to larger publications who may be hesitant to write about crowdfunding campaigns. Having a prototype also gives the journalist confidence that the product will be produced at the end of the campaign, and they are more willing to put their stamp of approval on it.

Ultimately, quality PR helps support the efficacy of your product and campaign because it adds credibility to your campaign, gets your product in front of more potential backers and encourages people to back your campaign. Having a prototype and samples will greatly increase your opportunity for positive press before and during your campaign.


Samples and Working Prototypes Help Attract Potential Backers


Though backing a project that doesn’t fund or get fulfilled is always a risk when backing a crowdfunding project, having working prototypes helps potential backers feel more secure with their decision to back you.

Having crowdfunding samples and working prototypes helps create better assets for your campaign. Your campaign page should be full of photos and videos that showcase your product and convince people to support your project. Having a working prototype will make for better photos and videos, and overall more engaging content.

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