Running An Effective Pinterest Contest

Pinterest, a visual bulletin board that allows users to post and share inspiring images, has grown to become one of the most popular social media sites in the United States. Take advantage of Pinterest’s growing popularity by incorporating a Pinterest contest into your social media strategy.

To ensure contest success, take the following steps into consideration:

1. Make entry easy—As a social media contest, the entry itself should be social. Any lengthy forms or mail-ins will deter users from participating. Since the motivation behind a social media contest is to engage your audience, increase traffic and to create a buzz around your brand, “following” your company’s Pinterest account should be required.

2. Make the prize worthwhile—Prizes should be something the participant normally won’t buy on their own and are excited to receive. Popular prizes include a “prize package” of brand relevant gifts or a gift certificate to invest in your brand’s merchandise.

3. Determine the type of contest—There are many types of contests you can run on Pinterest. The most popular are “pin it to win it,” “photo contest” and “re-pin/like contest.”

Pin It To Win It—Participants create a board specifically dedicated to your contest. They pin images of your products or images related to a theme. The most creative board wins.

Photo Contest—Participants pin images of themselves using your product(s) in a creative way to your board. Users are asked to vote on the most creative images, and the participant with the most votes wins.

Re-Pin/Like Contest—Participants are asked to re-pin specific images and write captions using specific hashtags. The participant who receives the most “likes” wins.

4. Follow the rules—Make sure your contest follows Pinterest’s guidelines and that the rules are clearly outlined on your company’s website. Support your contest by advertising it on all your social networks.

Remember to keep your contest fun and creative. Consumer engagement is key; with these simple steps, you will increase your company’s social presence and get people sharing your brand in no time. Happy Pinning!