Raise Funds Long After Your Kickstarter Campaign Ends With Indiegogo InDemand


You’ve hit your crowdfunding goal, developed a following and launched your product. Now that your crowdfunding campaign is over, it’s time to capitalize on all your hard work. You are wondering how to raise funds long after your Kickstarter campaign en …

You’ve hit your crowdfunding goal, developed a following and launched your product. Now that your crowdfunding campaign is over, it’s time to capitalize on all your hard work. You are wondering how to raise funds long after your Kickstarter campaign ends?

Indiegogo’s InDemand feature makes that easy. Part crowdfunding page and part storefront, InDemand lets you continue to collect pledges as long as you want after a successful Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign ends.

What is Indiegogo’s InDemand?

Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform where entrepreneurs can launch campaigns to raise funds for their innovative tech and design products. In early 2015, Indiegogo launched the InDemand for all creators, which enables crowdfunding campaigners to continue to raise funds and amass backers long after campaigns end. Even if you raised funds and met your goals on another platform like Kickstarter, you can still transition to InDemand to keep the momentum going.

How is InDemand Different Than the Typical Crowdfunding Platform?

Unlike regular campaigns on Indiegogo and Kickstarter, InDemand is built to be flexible. There are no firm timelines and campaigners can change perks and continue to take pre-orders anytime, as InDemand is not based on fixed fundraising goals. You keep raising money even as you begin to manufacture and deliver your product. InDemand is a dynamic tool for taking your crowdfunding campaign and turning it into a long-term growth strategy.

In addition, InDemand offers the convenience of accessing the same analytics and engagement tools available to campaigners during the initial crowdfunding effort. You can edit content, such as pitch descriptions, taglines, title, URL, payment details, media and video, giving you the chance to share who you are and why your product matters. Building strong relationships with your contributors will build trust for you and your product. Consistent communication will encourage your contributors to share your vision with their friends.

It is recommended that campaigners modify or adjust their perks to optimize their page in InDemand. Just keep in mind that there are things you can’t edit, such as funding type, currency, original funding goal and any perks you may have already claimed. It’s also recommended that you let your followers know that your campaign has ended, but that you will continue to raise funds via InDemand. You can do this by continuing to direct traffic to your InDemand page.

Benefits of Choosing InDemand

Easy set-up. Even if your initial campaign was on another crowdfunding platform other than Indiegogo, it is still fairly straightforward to load your project onto an InDemand page. In fact, if you ran your campaign on Kickstarter, you can open an Indiegogo account even before your campaign ends. If your campaign was initiated on Indiegogo, then you can simply opt into InDemand when it reaches its goal.

Built-in promotions. InDemand regularly profiles campaigns in its newsletter, on social media and in blog posts. Promotions are based on how active you are and how many people you bring to Indiegogo, so the more active the campaign is, the more publicity it will receive.

Take pre-orders. InDemand allows you to continue to take pre-orders once your initial campaign ends.

Wide reach. Because InDemand is a part of Indiegogo, you have the chance to reach over 15 million visitors who come to the Indiegogo site each month.

Secret perks. InDemand pages give campaigners the opportunity to create hidden perks that are only visible to backers with the private link. For instance, you can set up a unique link that lets you provide a secret perk to everyone who pledged the $100 level or more.

What is the Next Step?

Whether you’re unsure of what’s next as your crowdfunding campaign is winding to a close, or you’re ready to take your project to Indiegogo InDemand to continue taking orders, Enventys Partners can help. As a full-service product launch agency, we’ve raised millions through crowdfunding and helped hundreds of companies launch their project. Get in touch today to request a quote.

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