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As a digital marketing agency, it’s safe to say that we love all things digital media – especially social media. Day in and day out, we work hard to create a strong online presence for our clients, and although we use it for work, social media can also …

As a digital marketing agency, it’s safe to say that we love all things digital media – especially social media. Day in and day out, we work hard to create a strong online presence for our clients, and although we use it for work, social media can also be a lot of fun! Below you’ll find our team’s favorite social media accounts:

Roy Morejon – President

Timehop, now that I have a child it allows me to see what she looked like a year ago. It’s always fun to look back and see what I was doing 1 – 8 years ago whether it be traveling, attending events and speaking at marketing conferences from when I first joined social media networks.

Joe Recomendes – Chief Operating Officer

I’ve always been a fan of Facebook. I was one of the original 20,000 people on Facebook when it launched in the winter of 2004 as a Boston College student. Because of that, I have so many photos and memories on there that I can’t replace with my Twitter or Instagram experience. I’ve gotten lazier on Facebook, and am less likely to log in as regularly as I used to, but it’s still my cornerstone social network.

Vince Ammirato – Director of Search Marketing

Twitter- Facebook is too personal. LinkedIn is too self-promotional. Twitter lets me list and follow the people that most matter to me so I can cull their tweets and focus on the topics that matter most to my professional development. I learn skills and tactics from Twitter. Also – Facebook is unbearable during the election cycle.

Jess Chesney – Communications Director

My favorite social media platform would have to be Instagram since I’m a visually-driven person. I’m also very excited to see what will happen now that Instagram has opened up their advertising API to everyone- this is going to be very big for the platform and also for businesses, large and small!

Angela Kotsokalis – Lead Creative Designer

Instagram remains to be my favorite social media platform, because who doesn’t love to take pictures and share them with the world? I love experimenting with all the editing tools and filters this platform has to offer. Another reason I love it so much is because I’m able to follow super talented photographers, creatives, and bada** mountain bikers on a daily basis. It’s also convenient to be able to publish your photos from Instagram to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and so on. Let’s not forget about #AllTheHashtags.

Kyle Varian – Client Services Director

Twitter – The one stop shop for news! And also to see celebrities shoot themselves in the foot!

Rich Tucker – Director of Social Media

Facebook is my favorite social media platform.

From a personal perspective, it is the platform that the highest percentage of friends past and new are on a regular basis. I used to love Twitter for the conversation, but Facebook has way surpassed Twitter in both engagement and conversation.

From a business perspective, the Facebook ad platform is unmatched by any other ad platform.  The targeting and flexibility with messaging & creative is unbelievably powerful.

Jared Strichek – Search Marketing Analyst

Instagram- Because I think it’s interesting to see how people view the world.

Elizabeth Breedlove – Content Marketing Manager

My favorite social media platform is Instagram. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, and I truly agree when it comes to IG. There are so many unique ways to tell your story or your brand’s story through photos and captions.

Christine Lavery – Content Marketing Specialist

Can I say that I love all social media accounts equally for various reasons? Only kidding, but not really. If I had to pick one, I might as well jump on the bandwagon. I would have to say Instagram. It’s fun to see what your friends’ perspectives are on what they’re doing, what’s going on in your city (I follow any and every Charlotte Instagram account), or even finding clothing and cooking inspiration. I also love how it’s still a personally-driven platform, but the business aspect of Instagram is really starting to take off. With the holidays coming up, I’ve been finding a lot of recipes that I plan on trying from some of my favorite bloggers and foodie accounts. Unfortunately, it’s been making me incredibly hungry in the process.

Suzann Knudsen – PPC Specialist

Facebook, as it allows me to connect with fans for my hobbies of DJing and cosplay. I can create events, post full albums of images and how-tos, video… it’s really become a nicely fleshed-out multimedia platform.

Erin Kenny – Account Manager

My favorite social media platform for personal use is Instagram. I just love the aesthetics of it. And I know it’s cheesy, but a picture really is worth 1,000 words.

For marketing use, however, Facebook is still king. It’s my favorite marketing platform because it has the widest ranging audience and best targeting options.

Megan Jasso – Account Manager

Instagram. You can have fun with it and don’t have to be as professional as you do on other platforms- it helps you showcase a little bit of your personality.

Stephanie Spaulding – Communications Specialist

Instagram because it’s super visual and easy to scroll through and you don’t have to read anything if you don’t want to. They also stepped up their game in terms of which filters you can choose, so you can seem like a professional photographer or a really big hipster. I just really like the fact that it’s a very visual app.

Ashley Rose – Communications Specialist

I like Instagram because I am a visual learner and like to see fun, big pictures over long text.

Alyssa Lepow – Communications Specialist

My favorite social platform is INSTAGRAM!!! I love it and am kind of obsessed. I like it because it’s super easy and doesn’t involve a lot of thinking, just scrolling. (I am a very visual person!) If I am interested in the image I see then I read the comments below to get more info, etc. I really like how retail stores have been using them to display or highlight one product at a time. I think it’s really easy and convenient for the consumer especially with the company’s website link always in the bio.

Madison Miller – Public Relations and Social Media Intern

My favorite social media platform is Instagram because you can be creative with both images and captions. Also, it’s quicker to scroll through than Twitter and Facebook.

It’s safe to say that Instagram is a clear winner here in the Enventys Partners office. Although, this is not surprising considering that after only launching on October 6, 2010, there are now over 400 million active accounts per month with an average of 80 million photos shared per day. However, let’s not discount the other social media platforms that deserve some recognition. A lot of valuable information can still be found and discussed on Twitter. Facebook provides not only a convenient way to keep in touch, but from a business standpoint, it can really help your business take off. Of course, let’s not forget Timehop, an excellent way to reminisce about your life via social media.

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