Kickstarter Hits 100,000 Successful Crowdfunding Projects

Big news in the crowdfunding world – Kickstarter hit 100,000 successful projects on February 8, 2016!

Kickstarter launched in April 28, 2009, and since then the platform has significantly influenced the crowdfunding industry. What began as a way to help artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers and other creators find the funds and support they need to turn their projects into realities has become an entire movement.

In the nearly seven years since its beginning, Kickstarter has done much more than just help fund 100,000 projects. The platform has also:

  • Raised more than $2 billion to help bring creative projects to life
  • Gathered more than 28 million total pledges from over 10 million backers
  • Helped 152 projects each raise more than $1 million

So many great projects have come to life on Kickstarter in the past seven years, and we’re excited to see what happens between now and when Kickstarter hits 200,000 successful campaigns!

Here are some other fun statistics you may not be familiar with:

  • The Dance category has the highest success rate (62.81%), but the lowest number of launched projects (3,044).
  • The Film and Video category has the highest number of launched projects (53,463).
  • The Music category has the highest number of successfully funded projects (22,136).
  • The Games category has had more than 58 projects raise over a million dollars.
  • The Technology category has had more than 50 projects that have crossed the million dollar mark.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for this vibrant community of makers, creators and backers!

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