Key Takeaways From Internet Summit 2015

Earlier this month, six members of the Enventys Partners team had the opportunity to attend Internet Summit 2015, a two-day digital marketing conference in Raleigh, NC. We were able to hear from some of the top leaders in the digital marketing sphere on topics ranging from content marketing to SEO to UX and much more.

Here are our key takeaways:

Roy Morejon – Arnie Kuenn from Vertical Measures has some solid content marketing ideas for boring industries. He discussed How Any Business Can Generate Hundreds of Useful Content Ideas, and one of the first options was to use Google and Bing Suggest for topic ideas. Type in a couple keywords and use that to guide future content. Another good nugget was to datamine your live chat conversations for common topics/questions customers are asking.

Joe Recomendes – It was great to hear more about Google’s Hummingbird algorithm update again – the two ‘snackable’ points that I took home are “ranking is going to be about giving good answers, not getting blue links” and “Google is ranking based on engagement” – Rand Fishkin mirrored this point in his keynote as well.

Jessica Chesney – I really enjoyed Rand Fishkin’s keynote on how the future of SEO will change with machine learning algorithms. While classic SEO ranked inputs, new SEO will rank searcher outputs as well.

Megan Jasso – My favorite tip was to pay more attention to the leads that you have, instead of trying to get more. If you nurture a lead with creative, personal and compelling content, they’re 20% more likely to convert.

Jared Strichek – It was refreshing to hear the same point backed up in a number of sessions, including Rand’s keynote – SEO in 2015 isn’t about being the top “blue link”, it’s about providing the user with the information they need to complete their journey. Structured data markup and rich snippets are an absolutely invaluable tool in a search marketer’s arsenal.

Elizabeth Breedlove – One thing Rand Fishkin said in his keynote really stuck with me – instead of working to outrank your competition’s content, create content that is 10 times better than theirs. This content should be unique, high-quality/trustworthy, and solve a problem. On a more technical side, it should load quickly on any device or browser and have a high number of shares through social networks and/or links.

Internet Summit 2015 was a great time of learning and team building for the Enventys Partners team. We came back to Charlotte ready to strategize and find ways to implement what we learned for our clients, from content marketing tips to email marketing tricks and much more. We feel more confident than ever heading into 2016 with a renewed understanding of SEO updates and applying them to our crowdfunding services.