Indiegogo Releases New iPhone App for Crowdfunders and Creators

Indiegogo’s announcement of a mobile app for iPhone will make crowdfunding easier for both funders and creators. The new iPhone app allows funders an easy way to stay up-to-date with popular projects as well as save campaigns that interest them. By saving campaigns, funders can receive alerts about end dates, and similar campaigns. Funders can also create profiles and select keywords that allow them to be notified when new campaigns might interest them.
The mobile app will allow creators a whole new way to run their campaigns and interact with funders. Creators can now directly contact funders and potential funders through direct text messages and email. They will also be able to receive alerts when contributions have been made to their campaign as well as directly update and edit their campaign from their phone.
“The Indiegogo App is the first of many advancements focused on delivering the best mobile experience imaginable,” said Slava Rubin, CEO of Indiegogo.
The Indiegogo app is a must-have for all Indiegogo creators and avid funders. It will allow the crowdfunding experience to be more mobile, personal and direct. However, crowdfunding campaigns can still need extra help sometimes. Enventys Partners offers services for creators who want to run an efficient and effective Indiegogo campaign.