How to Effectively Pitch via Twitter

Social media is one of the biggest communication platforms today, so why not take advantage of it for business? Most people have their social media accounts linked to their smartphones and check them even more than they check their e-mails. This is exactly why social media marketing, or pitching via Twitter, can be more effective than the traditional e-mail pitch. Here are a few things to remember when you begin to pitch:

Twitter Etiquette

A little Twitter etiquette goes a long way. You don’t necessarily need to do this but if you are planning on using Twitter to pitch, you should follow the reporter or blogger ahead of time and not follow them the day that you are trying to pitch them. Try engaging with them earlier by favoriting a few tweets or making comments, but be genuine when you do this.

If the reporter asks a question, answer it and provide data and sources to back it up. This will make you look informed and the engagement could open up the conversation further. Building a lasting relationship with these reporters will only help your business on Twitter in the long run. Before you try to sell them on writing about you, think about your credibility on Twitter and how you would want someone to pitch you. Never make it seem like you are “cold calling” a reporter because no one will respond to that. Get to know them more than on an acquaintance level.

How To Style Your Twitter Pitch

In order to create the perfect Twitter pitch, you need to get to the point and explain what you want in 140 characters or less. Your tweet should look something like this: “@name, you should check out @productname/ Twitter handle at [link to website] for your ___ section (or upcoming article)!” This is the fastest way to get your product noticed and make it convenient for the reporter or blogger to learn more and cover the product.

Personalization Is Key

As stated above, every tweet should be customized and personalized for each specific reporter. Where this might seem like a given, it’s easy to copy and paste the same pitch to 40 different reporters. Every tweet should be customized and worded differently. A reporter or blogger could easily go back and view your tweets and notice that you mass tweeted multiple reporters. This will harm your credibility and even upset journalists if you tweeted the same thing to one of their competitors.

Do Your Research

When deciding which reporter you should pitch, you need to research a few things: the outlet they write for, the style of the outlet, the outlet’s past tweets, the reporter’s past tweets, and the reporter’s interests. All of these elements should match your product’s brand and message. This is essential in acquiring recognition or even better, a response.

For example, if your product fits into the car accessories category, you should find writers who have articles in car magazines or have written articles about a product similar to yours. You should pitch them and mention specific articles or a similar product they covered. Make sure when you mention that product that you make it seem as if yours is the better choice and would also make for an interesting article. Here’s a protip, make lists on Twitter and categorize them based on the advice above. Not only does this help you stay organized sorting through all of those tweets, but it also makes it easier to remember who writes for what publication.

If you are looking for more tips on how to effectively pitch via social media or other pitching strategies, contact Enventys Partners.

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