How to Communicate With Your Backers

You’ve heard it time and time again- communication is key. When it comes to crowdfunding, nothing is more true. Backers are the backbone of your project. Without them, there is nothing. It is important to be honest, transparent, truthful and present from launch day through shipment.

Backers choose to help fund your project so they can be part of the execution process. So when campaigns go weeks or even months without so much as a “here’s what’s going on” to their backers, they get antsy- and rightfully so. As a marketing agency with a large focus on crowdfunding, we have seen issues pop up regarding how to communicate with your backers time and time again. It’s up to the project creator to be the liaison between their manufacturing companies and the backers, so take a look at these tips and tricks so you’re able to keep your backers informed starting from launch day.

Backer Updates

Updates are exactly what they sound like- updates that pertain to your campaign. These are the #1 way to communicate with your backers about what’s going on behind the scenes. The first updates can be anything from saying hello and introducing yourself to your new followers, to announcements such as funding in 48 hours or reaching 50% of your goal in one day.

The first updates don’t have to be actual updates on manufacturing, but they should have some sort of “newsiness” to them. However, as time goes on, you’re going to want to let your backers know that you’re working on finishing the design or manufacturing of the product.

Something as simple as showing a picture of your warehouse or the 3D printed prototype will give your backers something to reflect on and gives them a sense of what you’re doing behind the scenes.

Once your campaign is over, do not forget about your backers. It can be an extremely hectic few months rushing to get things into productions and into your backers’ hands, but don’t forget the people that made all of that work possible. Keeping in contact at least every 10 days is ideal, but every two weeks should not upset backers as long as you’re consistent with your posts.

Being able to explicitly show your backers what you are working on and the process their money has helped you accomplish will keep them happy and supportive.

#1 “Do”: Be Transparent.

If you end up running into any bumps in the road, don’t hide it from your backers. This will just make things more complicated as time goes on. Be sure to tell them if shipping hits a snag and why. Also be sure to let them know what you’re doing to fix any issues. Additionally, make sure you follow up with any new information and let them know when the issue is resolved. You’re a startup, most people will understand.

#1 “Don’t Do”: Never Argue.

Backers have strong opinions and they know their stuff. It can be easy to create a comeback defending your work to a backer who has a different opinion than yours or is saying something bad about your product. However, make sure you keep calm in your response and see everything from their point of view. Say something along the lines of “I understand what you are saying and I appreciate your feedback…” to show them that you understand and appreciate their opinions.

Keeping your backers happy is an easy process if you are able to be there for the people who are single handedly making your project a reality. Updates and being kind and transparent to your backers will keep them happy, even when you run into any bumps in the road. If you could use some help managing your crowdfunding project and communicating with backers, contact us today.

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