Happy 10th Birthday, Facebook


To celebrate Facebook’s 10th birthday, the team here at Enventys Partners decided to share our favorite things about the social network. Thank you for a great 10 years Facebook. Here is to a decade more of innovation in social media! Roy Morejon – Pres …

To celebrate Facebook’s 10th birthday, the team here at Enventys Partners decided to share our favorite things about the social network. Thank you for a great 10 years Facebook. Here is to a decade more of innovation in social media!

Roy Morejon – President – @RoyMorejon

Today marks the tenth birthday of Facebook. Everyone you know is on the social network. Including another 1.23 billion users across the globe. With half of the world’s internet users having an account and using it on a daily basis, Facebook may have given life to the term “social media” and redefined friendships and helped people do business along the way.

Two of my favorite uses are looking into my history using the platform over the last year. From the short video looking back https://www.facebook.com/lookback at my top shares and moments in the past I have a chance to reflect on the previous year with the year in review: ttps://www.facebook.com/yearinreview/.

Joe Recomendes – Chief Operating Officer – @JRecomendes

I was a freshman at Boston College, one of the first dozen schools on Facebook, when it launched. As one of the first 20,000 members, I have seen the platform grow and change tons of times over the years. Like so many college students in the early 2000’s, I primarily used webshots to share my photos of friends and family, and didn’t adopt Facebook’s built-in photos until 2008. However, it quickly became my favorite feature once they added advanced capabilities such as post-dating, the photo map, and collaborative albums.

As a marketer, I’m impressed with how far Facebook Insights have come. I’m not surprised that they had to quickly show true marketing value to their shareholders following their IPO, but I’m pleased with how easy they have made it for marketers to get actionable data from their social media efforts.

Vincent Ammirato – Senior Digital Strategist – @vincentammirato

Being the oldest of the group, Facebook was something I saw happen years after I left college and I didn’t sign up for an account until 2008….which makes me a Luddite compared to the rest of the group.

I appreciated Facebook’s early days because they focused almost exclusively on the user experience. It was clean, uncluttered, and I was in control of my privacy. Maintaining their initial focus on the experience while trying to become a profitable company is a struggle worth studying.

Bayo Fodeke – Lead Developer – @bayofodeke

I remember the cool old days when Myspace was the cool kid on the block.  For a while, I looked at Facebook as the new product that was trying to be like Myspace, I would have never imagined that it would evolve into the ecosystem that it is now.

Personally, Facebook has been instrumental in keeping in touch with my extended family all over the world.  It allows us to plan events, chat and share important things in our lives with each other as if we were geographically close.

From a development standpoint, I’ve been very pleased with Facebook API over the years.  The ease of integration into websites and mobile apps has been an incredible tool to website and app developers.

Angela Kotsokalis – Creative Designer – @akotsdesign

Ever since joining Facebook, I have posted hundreds of photos of what I love to do on a daily basis and where I’ve traveled, too. The ability to post photos, create photo albums, and of course apply filters to them is one of my favorite things about Facebook. I also find the tagging system great for when I want to collaborate with friends and families that were involved in a shared experience. When I want a physical copy of my most precious moments I like to use a few different services depending on what canvas I’m in the mood to work with. My favorite one is called Woodsnap, a company that allows you to print your photos directly on wood! What’s also really great about this company is their “Roots for Trees” campaign. Every Woodsnap you order, they plant a tree!

Jessica Chesney – Digital Marketing Coordinator – @jessJANEica

I remember being jealous of my friend’s older siblings who were on Facebook because they were in college. After a couple of years, I finally signed up when they allowed high school students to join – and I’ve been active on Facebook ever since.

My favorite part? Facebook Advertising. The ultimate feature? Ad targeting. Facebook allows you to target all the way down to one specific person – imagine the possibilities there! On the other end of the spectrum, there are over 1 billion people on Facebook – if that isn’t a large enough market, I’m not sure I know what is.

Oh, and how would I ever remember a birthday if it weren’t for Facebook?

Alison Phalen – Content Marketing Specialist – @aliphalen

I can honestly say that I don’t remember what I did online before Facebook. I mean, Xanga and Myspace were probably involved, but it was never to the extent of the time I spend on Facebook. Over the past 10 years, Facebook has become the social media power force that everyone is on.

My favorite thing about Facebook is how it allows you to connect with all of your favorite websites through your profile. Some people might find it creepy that Facebook wants to be the center of it all, but I think it is brilliant. Whether I’m on Pinterest, Instagram or Spotify, I can easily sign in to them all through my Facebook and connect all my profiles together. This makes it easy for me to share, find my friends or post between my profiles. Happy 10th Birthday Facebook – stay golden!

Duncan Moffat – Marketing Analyst – @duncanmoffat

Facebook is very useful for me as it allows me to keep in contact with friends and family who are 3000 miles away in the UK.  I have a 1-year-old nephew back in England and Facebook allows me to see all of the major milestones in his development that I would have otherwise missed. It is difficult to imagine how different a move abroad would have been just 15 years ago without services like Facebook and Skype.

Samantha Colletta – Client Success Manager – @hullosam

Facebook, over the years, has been such an awesome tool for me to stay in touch with family, friends and keep up with events, new businesses, music, etc. I feel disconnected from the world when I’m not on Facebook, not to mention I miss event and birthday reminders, which, let’s be honest, are the best.

One of my favorite features about Facebook would definitely have to be their Pages. As a music blogger, it has been essential for getting my name out there and sharing what’s going on in the music world, as well as what I am posting about that day. I believe that Facebook has paved the way for so many great businesses, brands, musicians, bloggers alike. For example, with Facebook Ads, marketing businesses brands is a lot easier, allows for sustainable consumer relationships, and is evidently just overall more successful.

A recent joint study that Buddy Media conducted with Booz & Company showed that more companies are investing in social media with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as key elements of most strategies. Below, are some of the statistics from the companies surveyed to see what social media platforms their main focus was on:

  • Facebook, 94%
  • Twitter, 77%
  • YouTube, 42%

We owe a big thank you to Facebook for numerous things, but mainly for being such a great networking social media platform with the ability to also be super business-savvy. Happy 10th Birthday, Facebook!

Alex Stegall – Digital Marketing Strategist – @slexategall

When I think about Facebook turning 10, it’s truly a trip down memory lane. I remember making the leap from MySpace to Facebook, and from high school forward, the site was the way I kept in touch with my friends and let my circles know about the big changes in my life. It’s the most comprehensive catalogue of my favorite memories. I remember going straight there to update my profile when I accepted enrollment at the college of my dreams, and I know it was my first reference for other significant life events as well. Maybe it’s silly, but I think most of us who grew up with Facebook formed an extremely close relationship with the social media site.

From a marketing perspective, and simply from an average person’s perspective, I think my favorite thing about the site is using it to build and establish community. It’s such a great outlet for any brand to communicate with the people who love their products or services.  It has given fans more of an intimate connection to their favorite things and a way to recommend those things with the click of a button. We’re on more of a level playing field because of Facebook and we all have a unique opportunity to share our thoughts. When I think about it like that, I get really excited.

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