8 Email Marketing Experts Predict the Future of Email in 2030

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Compulsive inbox cleaners beware—email marketing is here to stay. While your email count probably won’t slow down, get ready for more personalization, automation and cross-channel integration in your inbox. Eight email experts paint a picture of what this communication staple will be in ten years and it looks like a promising future.

What Will Email Be Like in 10 Years? Marketing Professionals Answer.

What does the next decade have in store for email? Experts predict that email marketing will include better automation, more relevant messaging, more personalization and more cross-channel integration. So even though your email count won’t be slowing down, you’ll likely find future emails to be more useful, more interesting, more personalized and more interactive. Here, eight Mailchimp partners and email marketing experts share their insights.



The future of email will include fully automated 100% personalized messages driven by artificial intelligence. Batch and blast will be a thing of the past and email will be a direct result of your behaviors, history, preferences, and interests.

Adam Q. Holden-Bache
Director of Email Marketing
Enventys Partners



I predicted some time ago in our ‘Future of email’ guide that the ‘create, send and view’ experience would be within one place. Mailchimp and other ESPs will create their own email inboxes, to counter the limitations of Gmail and Outlook, and enable email marketers to design fully-HTML supported emails.

Doug Dennison
CEO & Co-founder



The world of email changes so fast, so it’s crazy to think what ten years could bring! There will be more AI, automation, graphics designed for you, etc. Creating an email will be super easy. Testing will be easier. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for email marketing.

Emily Ryan
Co-Founder and Email Strategist
Westfield Creative



Having survived the hail firestorms and alien dinosaur invasions from 2020, 2030 will showcase a new level of email technology wonder. AMP became a standard for email just 3 years earlier, and today email marketers create campaigns with enhanced personalization and the ability for custom, two-way feedback as part of standard course. Custom coding is now obsolete, as email clients are optimized to follow industry guidelines set in 2029, thus allowing all ESPs to offer WYSIWYG builders with unlimited design options. In a stunning turn, Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer have been banned from all computer operating systems, including Windows 32.

MaryAnn Pfeiffer
Digital Marketing Strategist
108 Degrees Digital Marketing



Email has been around a long time. It hasn’t really changed that much. So I don’t think pure email will change that much. With people using platforms like Slack and Facebook I think we’ll go much more platform-centric in our communication and use email for more important conversations from businesses and colleagues. I also think we’ll have a platform or app that puts all our communication in one place. Facebook, Slack, email, Twitter, Messenger, etc will all “land” in one place to make it easy to see all of your communication at once.

Amy Hall
Email Marketing Strategist and Certified Mailchimp Partner and Consultant
Amy Hall



In 2030 social media has been regulated and email is still the most direct, private and effective way to communicate with your customers.

Glenn Edley
Director & Email Strategist



More interactivity, so that every message becomes an actionable interface; and hopefully a greater willingness to respect the time and attention of the readers, not only because of legal privacy concerns but because companies finally understand that spam doesn’t pay.

Alessandra Farabegoli
Digital Strategist, Co-Founder
Digital Update and Freelancecamp Italia



If I look to the last decade, there isn’t much that has changed. We still use web design techniques from 1995 for building campaigns. However, the content is shifting. Emails are more personalized to the ‘needs’ of the receiver. At this moment we’re on the doorstep of personalization but it is growing rapidly.

In 2030, emails are still one of the greatest tools for direct selling. There will be more integration with online ads, social media and other platforms. Streaming video inside a mailing would be very nice. And maybe… just maybe… we change from xhtml to html 😉

Nick Beuzekamp
CEO and Founder
Online Marketing Bonaire



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