Five Reasons You Should Livestream During Your Kickstarter or Indiegogo Campaign

When drumming up support for your crowdfunded project, using contemporary marketing techniques has the potential to provide outstanding results. Streaming live video is an attractive way to capture the attention of potential supporters in real-time. Facebook Live is a great platform for launching a livestreaming video for your campaign. Here are five reasons you should livestream your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign.

Why You Should Use Livestreaming

Facebook Live is an effective tool for building community size and strength. Any way that you can promote your campaign, including Facebook Live, is important to increase your project’s visibility among current and potential backers.

Additionally, involving viewers in your livestream is a great way to engage your audience. For example, the ability to encourage your viewers to ask questions or chat can be used to enhance participation in – and ownership of – the campaign.

Benefits of Livestreaming

Launching a livestream gives you, the creator, a way to provide anticipatory updates to your backers. Make sure you plan your livestream launch well in advance of sending out any information on it. Link your update for the upcoming livestream to a personalized communication, such as a product demo.

Establishing as much connection as possible with potential backers is a definitive aim of crowdfunding. One of the outstanding benefits of going live to promote your campaign is the level of intimacy it facilitates between creator and backer.

Advantages of Livestreaming

Recognition: Your viewers and backers get immediate satisfaction upon interacting with your livestream. Feeling recognized by you, the project creator, both on a personal level and as part of an audience, can be a rewarding experience for backers. Furthermore, a strategic approach to your livestream may be successful at attracting additional backers.

Interactivity: While you can connect with backers of your campaign at any time throughout its duration, a crucial time to connect with individuals is while streaming a live video. A good way to connect to your backers is to engage them in the moment by creating an interactive atmosphere during your livestream. Engaging with them by answer questions, providing new information and asking for their feedback will also enhance your credibility as someone who will be able to deliver the product.

Versatility: Facebook Live empowers you with a real-time tool which can be used to generate real feedback. Asking viewers questions after a product demo, or just generating live feedback, can prove indispensable to developing your item and successfully meeting your project goals.

Cross-Platform Opportunities: You can use Facebook Live to connect your personal or business social base to your crowdfunding project. 

Entrepreneurs and investors should use every platform available to them to generate additional funding from potential backers. Livestreaming is a great way to attract new backers while continuing to invigorate existing ones. To learn more about the benefits of streaming live, or to find out how Enventys Partners can help maximize your crowdfunding campaign, contact us today.

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