Facebook Likes, Are They Worth The Trouble?

In the United States, Facebook is responsible for one out of every five page views on websites, so effective communication through Facebook can significantly enhance a company’s brand awareness. At Enventys Partners, we call it Business At the Speed of Like™.

While it is fairly easy to create a Facebook page and attract a few fans, many companies fail to interact effectively with these fans. As a result, many Facebook campaigns grind to a halt due to the lack of activity.

“Likes” Are Good But Not Enough

A company cannot solely expect loyalty from someone liking its posts or page. What’s more, Facebook should be used as a place to build relationships and foster dialogue.

According to Facebook + Media,  “likers” are more connected and are more interested in exploring content they find on Facebook. Compared to the average Facebook user, these “likers” click on external sites 5.4 times more than “non-likers.” The best ways to reach these people are to use the “Like” button and put it near engaging content.

When a person clicks “Like,” Facebook publishes a story to the person’s timeline with a link back to the referring site. Based on Facebook’s proprietary algorithm, the information also gets published into the stream of a select group of the person’s followers, thus extending the article’s potential reach.

Publishing engaging stories and status updates can also increase traffic to your site. Highlighting popular content on your website or blog also leads people to view more articles.

Other Ways To Increase Facebook Interactions

  • Other ways to increase engagement on Facebook include are to:
  • Integrate the Activity Feed and Recommendation plug-ins
  • Use the Live Stream to engage users during live events

The Activity Feed plug-in shows users recent activity taking place on the site and what their friends are doing on the site through likes and comments of the site.

The Recommendation plug-in gives users suggestions for sites they might be interested in visiting and creates a personalized experience for the users.

The Live Stream plug-in is useful to interact with users in real-time. This plug-in is ideal for live events such as webinars, interviews, conferences and webcasts. The Live Stream encourages users to discover and discuss the event.

Learning To Like “Likes”

Now that you know the potential value of getting more “likes” and engagement through Facebook, it’s time to make a more concerted effort to publish better content for your fans and potential fans.