Entrepreneurs: Don’t Let These 5 Crippling Doubts Hold You Back


We love entrepreneurs. They’re our favorite people. They embody all the traits we see in our favorite movies’ heroes and heroines – they’re bold, risk takers who have so much passion and purpose. They’re the people willing to fail for an idea they’ve o …

We love entrepreneurs. They’re our favorite people. They embody all the traits we see in our favorite movies’ heroes and heroines – they’re bold, risk takers who have so much passion and purpose. They’re the people willing to fail for an idea they’ve oftentimes given all their time and resources to chase. No matter who you are or what kind of background you come from, there’s something sexy about the American Dream and the individual bold enough to chase it. That’s why we’re so avid about our startup marketing services.

Everyday our team gets to come to the office and hear someone else’s amazing story – a journey from nothing to something. And, even though most of the dreaming takes place before we enter the story, we get to join up with these folks to bring their masterpieces to the world.

If we told you it wasn’t difficult, we’d be lying. Different is never easy, and no matter how great an idea is, starting a brand new business is a scary and unsettling venture. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it.

We’ve been listening, and we’ve heard all the buzz and concern over the long, slow and excruciating decline in entrepreneurship following a recent study. According to the Census Bureau, Americans started 27 percent fewer businesses in 2011 than they did five years earlier. The rate of firm entry has dropped from just under 15 percent in 1978 to about 8 percent in 2011, according to another study by The Brookings Institute. The firm entry rate is decreasing while the exit rate is increasing. What’s worse? It’s across the board – no industry, not even tech, is immune to the troubling trend.

There’s a lot of contention around exactly what’s causing such a persistent decline, and we’re interested in hearing more about those factors as research continues to take place.

But, the fact stands that America has seen a massive decline in entrepreneurship in the last thirty years, and we’re just not into the idea of entrepreneurship drying up.

Today there are more tools than ever before to help incubate an amazing new idea, and our team is well equipped to help anyone interested in going out on his or her own realize their dream. Here are five doubts we hear from people going into business for themselves – and here’s how we can help.

  1. “But, I wouldn’t even know where to start.”

That’s the first place we come in. You’ve got a great idea or product, but getting the funding and the initial market presence terrifies you. We’ll chat with you and gain an understanding of your concept, and we’ll help you take the first step to bringing this concept to the public, whether that be through crowdfunding or through other avenues. We’re a startup ourselves, and we understand. We’ll help you take the leap.

  1. “I’m pretty confident in my knowledge of xyz, but…doing outreach and public relations are like foreign language to me.”

That’s surprisingly (or unsurprisingly) true of a lot of entrepreneurs. They are experts in the field that they have developed a brand new product or concept in, but they don’t know the first thing about outreach. Good thing you’ll have us! We have established media contacts and fresh ideas to create public relations strategy that’s going to get your new company noticed. So, if your idea is one the world needs, we’ll make sure that you get the attention you deserve. And we’ll be sure to keep you updated along the way.

  1. “There’s no way I can afford to make this happen.”

That’s where your investors come in. Whether we help get you in front of the big guys to get your idea funded, or we help you with a grassroots crowdfunding campaign, we’ll help you figure out the best way to get your business on its feet. We’ll create and analyze your online and social media presence, website effectiveness, search engine ranking and more to determine the areas that need to be improved to increase website traffic, maximize ROI and boost sales. The goal is to get you digitally engaged in the target space, and we can make that happen.

  1. “Social media & new technologies are so huge for businesses today, and I don’t have the time or the knowledge to devote to those things for my new venture.”

We’ve got a full group, and we all bring something different to the table. Some of us are visionaries. Some of us are tech fanatics who pride ourselves in being among the first to know about the next big tech topic. Some of us are social geniuses with a knack for starting conversation across all the social platforms. Some of us are great project managers that make sure things get done how and when they are supposed to. We’ll do the marketing, while you spend all your time doing what you know and love.

  1. “I’m just not ready. I’ll do it sometime, but not today.”

While it’s true that you’ve got to be prepared to launch a new venture, you might spend your whole life saying the above words. Take the necessary time to get everything in order, and dive in. Calculated risk is a driving factor in the marketplace, and without taking one you’ll never see your vision come alive. We’ve helped tons of clients meet their goals, and we’d love to help with yours too.

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