How To Crowdfund a Product For Parents


If you have a unique product with something new and innovative to offer to families, crowdfunding may be the best route for your business. Today we’ll address some of your burning questions if you want to crowdfund a project for parents or children, but aren’t sure where to start.

It’s no secret that the market for children’s products is constantly growing and evolving. With that being said, it seems as though gadgets and tools are coming to market every day with the purpose of making parents’ and kids’ lives easier. With so many children’s products and big names like Graco, Johnson & Johnson or Fisher-Price, it can be hard to get your name and idea out there. However, if you have a unique product with something new and innovative to offer to families, crowdfunding may be the best route for your business. Today we’ll address some of your burning questions if you want to crowdfund a project for parents or children, but aren’t sure where to start.

How Do I Get People’s Attention?

Marketing a baby or kids product can mean a variety of things. Whether it’s a new toy, a safety gadget or a health and wellness-based technology for parents or their little ones, it’s important to highlight what sets your project apart. As other projects have found, the crowdfunding space for parents can be difficult to crack into. Parents want to test baby products or have easy access to reviews from other parents to make sure they’re investing in the best products possible for their little ones. However, this is why it’s important to bring your A-game. If you’re able to show parents why they need your product and how it will improve their life or their baby’s, that’s half the battle of marketing a successful kids product.

How Do I Gather My Fans?

Think of building an email list as part of the foundation for your home, or in this case, your crowdfunding project. During pre-launch, this is your time to build excitement about your campaign and gain as many fans as possible. Additionally, having a large list full of quality emails is important because you’re able to reach them directly to let them know that your project is live. This will help increase traffic to your page on launch day and also give you a greater chance of meeting your goals.

A key aspect of building your email list revolves around constructing a landing page that converts and creating lead generation ads through Facebook Ads. Just creating a website won’t cut it, you should focus on building a page with captivating images, a clear concept of your product, proper placement of the signup form and an incentive. Offering the chance to win a free product for email addresses is an effective way to build this email list. With lead gen ads your fans are able to sign up directly on Facebook after clicking on one of your riveting ads, rather than being directed to a landing page. Your best bet is to manage a two-pronged approach by running lead ads as well as ads that direct your new fans to your landing page.

How Do I Run Facebook Ads? Is It Important?

When it comes to crowdfunding campaigns, Facebook ads are crucial in getting your message in front of the right people, fast. Not only that, but Facebook has been found to be the most effective social platform overall for crowdfunding campaigns. By giving you the ability to target individuals by age, gender, interests and even more specifically by whether or not they’re parents and expectant mothers, you’re able to find your ideal audience in an instant. As the old adage says, “You have to spend money to make money”. The same is applied to Facebook Ads. Take previous Facebook Ads client, MiaMilly, for example. After hiring Enventys Partners to run their Facebook Ad campaign halfway through their project, we were able to triple their daily earned average, bringing their campaign over the $170K mark by the time it came to an end.

How Do I Reach Out To The Press?

Orchestrating a successful public relations initiative for your crowdfunding campaign can be a lot of work. Not only do you have a very specific niche as a product for parents and babies, but you also need to have the right relationships with the right journalists and mommy bloggers. As stated earlier, parents are looking for credible, honest reviews from sources they trust when it comes to products for their family. This is where major outlets and mommy bloggers come into play, as they hold a significant amount of clout among the parenting community. Take former client, Bunch O Balloons, for example. After appearing on The Today Show and throwing a balloon at Carson Daly, their project jumped up $30K! If you’d like assistance with public relations for your upcoming crowdfunding project, contact us today.

How Do I Make Crowdfunding-Worthy Videos, Photos & Graphics?

At the top of your crowdfunding page lies your video. A top-notch video is important because it allows your fans or potential fans to easily learn about your product without having to spend time searching for information. For the parenting community, make sure you create a compelling video that tugs at the heart strings and is relatable. Remember, parents want to feel like they’re getting this information from an informative yet reliable source, a fellow parent, even. This must be conveyed through the campaign video, as well as your photos and graphics.

Quality photos and graphics are another key aspect to your page and overall content. Make sure that your photos range from lifestyle photos – think happy parent and baby using your product – to actual product photos that clearly show what the product looks like and how it works. Think about other companies’ images that successfully market baby products for potential inspiration. Graphics not only modernize your page, but they help bring everything together. It’s important to have a consistent, easy-to-read style throughout your page and your graphics. While this seems simple, creating brand-worthy and eye-catching graphics can be a challenge. That’s where our in-house graphic designer comes in and can help take your project to the next level.

How Do I Make Sure I Have Great Social Media Accounts?

Whether you’re a large corporation or a small but mighty startup, every business should at least have a Facebook and Twitter account. Not only are these great places to connect with those that share common interests, but they are also places to connect with influencers and communicate with your fans more directly. Think of social media as a secondary form of customer service as well, as these platforms are trustworthy sites where people feel as though they can reach out to their favorite brands and ask questions. However, these same people will expect a timely response. If you’re managing the social media account, plan to check each account at least once or twice per day. Depending on what your product is, see what your competitors that market children’s products are posting on their social accounts, evaluate what works and what doesn’t and apply your findings to your own account.

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