How to Write a Compelling Crowdfunding Story


Crowdfunding campaigns are a unique way to launch a product or start a business. You’re inviting “the crowd” to come alongside you on your journey. How you tell the story of your product, and yourself, can lure backers in and make them want to support your project.

Struggling to write your crowdfunding story?

It can be tricky trying to capture all of the elements that go into your crowdfunding campaign without getting lost in all of the details of your product. Conveying your message in an easy, digestible way will help grow your community of backers and can help lead to a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Define your target audience

Before launching on a crowdfunding platform it’s important to understand your target audience and the viability of your idea. Who do you envision buying your product? Are they younger or older? What demographics do they fit into? Understanding who your customers are will enable you to successfully speak to them in a way that’s understandable, relatable and grabs their attention.

Accurately defining your target audience not only allows you to understand your customers but also allows you to market your product specifically to them. For example, if your product is fitness-related, the language you use to target elite runners will be different than language used to target weightlifters. Knowing which one is your target audience will help you craft better messaging.

Focus on the “WHY”

One of the biggest things to highlight on your campaign page is the “why.” Why do you need this, why is this worth it, why am I going to use this every day, etc, etc.

Define the benefits of your product and focus on what it will provide backers. Don’t just tell them about all of the features. When looking for a new product, people are more likely going to support your project based on what it can do for them and how it fits into their lives. Cover your “why” as early as possible on your campaign page to reel in the attention of new, potential backers.

Be transparent with your audience

Dedicate a section of your campaign page to tell your backers why you’re using a crowdfunding platform and what you need the money for. Have you created your prototype but need the funds to support your final tooling? Are the funds going to be spent on initial manufacturing runs? Being authentic and transparent with your backers can help them understand your story and make them feel like their pledge matters.

Use graphics to share your voice

It’s important to let your brand’s tone and voice speak throughout your page. This includes graphics. Incorporating high-quality imagery along with your brand’s colors, fonts, and taglines. will set you apart from other crowdfunding campaigns. Personalize your graphics to create a memorable impression on people scrolling through your campaign.

Create a connection between you and your backers

Crowdfunding campaigns are about more than just the products offered. They’re about the people behind them. Establish your brand’s voice and use it throughout the page. Your page shouldn’t sound like any other page. It can be easy to get lost in highlighting all the features and benefits of your product, so make sure you’re doing it in a way that is consistent with your brand. Have fun with your language and make it easy for backers to digest copy while scrolling through your page.

Show off the brains behind the operation

Whether your team is 2 or twenty people, show them off on your page! Everyone enjoys seeing the who’s behind the brand and product, so take the time to gather headshots or a team photo of everyone involved in bringing your product to life. Towards the end of your page, you should include a “Meet the Team” section including headshots, titles, and a brief backstory of how the brand and product went from an idea to reality.

Swish, a cocktail jigger, added their favorite cocktail under each headshot to infuse a little on-brand personality. Below this section, you can also include a timeline of these events, where you’re at in production, and when backers will expect to receive their product. While other sections focus on the product and can convince people that they need it, this section connects them to your brand.

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