Common Factors in Successful Kickstarter Projects

It’s no secret that Kickstarter is one of the primary crowdfunding sites creators and entrepreneurs flock to with their new idea. Whether your project is geared towards a niche group or appeals to a variety of markets across the world, it’s important to understand the tools necessary for a successful Kickstarter project. Below are some common factors we’ve noted from successful projects in the past:

Do your research. Backers will ask you both general and technical questions about your product. It’s imperative you do research on your product or idea, from the technical specs to its market industry, to ensure you can honestly, accurately and confidently answer these questions. Also, be very careful when using titles like “World’s First” or “First Ever” if it isn’t truly the first of its kind. Several projects fall short and will be called out from a media standpoint for inaccurate titles such as these. Once you research your industry, your targeted audience(s) and your competitors, you’re ready for anything that journalists and backers may ask you!

Create an informative, fun Kickstarter video. You’re excited about your product or idea and want people to back your project, but how do you make them want to back your product? Visuals go a long way, and sharing an informative, fun video that provides background information, product highlights and what problem it solves not only tells a story, but your story. When people see how much time and work you’ve put into your research and development, they can connect on a personal level and feel confident investing in your project.

Hype it up! Don’t bother pitching your sports-orientated product to a design outlet. As with the research tip above, journalists are much more receptive to pitches that are in-line with their beat. Be honest, provide journalists with the information and resources they need and be patient. It’s hard to guarantee coverage, but at the very least, ask for any thoughts or feedback on your product (psst, here are some pitching tips).

Provide a clear plan and honest updates for your backers. If you’re behind on shipping or run into a production issue, don’t sugar coat it. Backers are helping to fund your project with their own money. Be honest, be clear and provide a transparent plan moving forward. Open communication with your backers from launch to the delivery date builds credibility and ensures backers you’re fully-invested in your brand.

Launching a Kickstarter campaign may be overwhelming, but it’s worth the time and effort. Successful Kickstarter campaigns have a well-balanced mix of a unique brand personality, open communication, patience and clear innovation. When creators can effectively communicate and/or demonstrate why their product is so important, backers will see it’s worth the investment. It may also help to look through the Kickstarter and Indiegogo websites to get a better idea of what a successful campaign looks like. If you’re looking to launch a new product on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

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