CES 2022: Observations from the Conference Floor


CES 2022 is an incredible event. It’s the chance to connect with innovators and companies whose technologies will change the way we live our lives and shape our futures. From home technologies to personal consumer tech, CES is a look at the future.

CES 2022 is different. We’re still in the midst of a global pandemic, and COVID-19’s presence was certainly felt and seen in Las Vegas. From at-home testing to required vaccinations and masks galore, COVID made itself a guest of honor. The show itself was smaller, with fewer exhibitors presenting in booths, but the reduced size gave greater time for meaningful conversations. Because CES wasn’t hosted in-person in 2020, many companies have had another year to innovate and optimize their products and brands.

Robotics was a prominent category in Eureka Park this year. From customized perfume mixers to robotic toys, personal assistants, home robotics and full humanoid robots, if there was a problem that could be solved with automation, a robot was likely on display offering a solution. A number of transportation-related innovations were also on display. These weren’t the flashy innovations on display from major automotive manufacturers, but rather smaller advances in the space that will make an impact in our daily lives.

In 2020, the last year CES was held in person, we noticed a huge trend of smart home technology that skewed toward smart hubs, light bulbs, doorknobs and locks, and hardware of that nature. That wave seems to have passed. Replacing it are products that cater to the pandemic-fueled conveniences we’ve come to enjoy. 1Ahead Technologies debuted their GLO doorbell, which leverages a patented AI system called VALT that enables a customized experience for home security and surveillance. Fresh Portal showcased their take on a lockbox where deliveries of groceries or packages can be kept secure and temperature controlled.

Members of our team who’ve attended CES for several years remarked that the biggest strides in innovation were only noticed when considering what was displayed several years ago. Year-to-year, the concepts seem to make minor improvements, but when compared with four or five years ago, the improvements in technology are much more remarkable.

At our booth, we spoke to creators whose products will certainly make an impact in our daily lives. After one full day, We’re excited to see what’s next.

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