Build a Better Trade Show Display For Your Product

If you build a trade show display frequently, you know two things to be true: one, trade shows are a great opportunity to show off your product, and two, it can be hard to stand out amongst a sea of booths all displaying great products.

So, what can you do to make a stunning, eye-catching booth?


The overall aesthetic of your booth will most likely be the first thing tradeshow attendees notice, so it needs to be done well. Work closely with a designer when putting together your booth. It should fit in with your brand, and have the ability to be easily modified to fit different booth footprints. If you’re attending many trade shows, you’ll likely encounter different booth sizes.

In general, we suggest including the following:

  • At least one large image of your company’s name and logo, preferably displayed in a way that can be seen from multiple angles and from far away
  • Prominent displays for your product(s)
  • Any other important marketing or sales information

With that being said, your space needs to be uncluttered. Your goal is to create an inviting space for people to interact with your product and talk to your representatives. The booth should bring your product and brand to life, but not overwhelm with superfluous graphics or information. Keep it open, informal and personable.

If creating this type of experience is not your expertise, get in touch with our branding and design experts.


A product demo that is done well is key to bringing in trade show attendees to your booth. As you’re setting up your demo, focus more on how you can demonstrate value than how you can demonstrate features. Think of it this way: if you’ve created a revolutionary new smartphone with more features than any other phone, your target market may find it interesting, but they won’t buy it over the newest iPhone or Samsung unless they understand how your features will actually provide value.

Your company representative manning the booth needs to be inviting and friendly. Even actions as simple as standing in front of a table rather than behind it can make a big difference. Make sure they completely understand the product and the brand.


While having a beautiful booth and a great demo is important, in a sea of flashy, exciting booths, it may not be quite enough. Consider what you can do to make your trade show display different from those around it. Here are a few ideas…

For help with branding and marketing new products at trade shows and elsewhere, get in touch with us today.

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