Best Practices for Online Pay-Per-Click Advertisements

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If you’re dipping your toes in the water of online advertising for the first time, odds are that you’re pretty overwhelmed. Where do you even start? Your business might have great content or a great mission, but how do you get this content in front of …

If you’re dipping your toes in the water of online advertising for the first time, odds are that you’re pretty overwhelmed. Where do you even start? Your business might have great content or a great mission, but how do you get this content in front of the people who need to see it?

Here are some tips for the best practices for online pay-per-click advertisements that are effective, relevant, and engaging:

1. Be Visual

This might seem obvious, but it’s amazing how often brands still make the mistake of not engaging visually with their readers. A captivating image will grab the attention of your audience far more frequently than a clever sentence ever will. Of course you ultimately want visitors to come to your site and read your content, but a great picture will draw them in with a quick, strong first impression.

2. Don’t Make Assumptions

One of the biggest mistakes that you could make is to believe, without research or data to support it, that you can accurately build a PPC campaign that will perfectly reach and define your target audience. Sure, you could certainly come close with some aspects such as gender or age. But what about location? Which device does your audience engage best on?

There is incredible value in utilizing the information that is available to you in order to make the best business decisions and build online ad campaigns based on FACT rather than THEORY. Which leads me to say…

3. Utilize Analytics

A major benefit that organizations now have is the incredible availability of information. Utilizing Google Analytics and other reporting software, we can identify demographics, geographics, page behavior, bounce rates, devices and their conversion rates. We can even identify where consumers are looking at the screen and optimize around that!

Take a few minutes to dive into your analytics. I bet you’ll quickly find several ways that you can optimize and improve your online marketing.

4. Don’t Over-Adjust

Another big mistake that rookie advertisers make is expecting to see significant results immediately. Most advertising platforms take at least 24 hours to fully optimize an ads campaign, as you are essentially throwing new data into an existing advertising algorithm, which understandably takes some time to do efficiently. However, many people will make changes within hours of launching an ad, due to the performance not immediately measuring up to their standards.

So while your heart might tell you that you’re failing or that you need to change things right away if you don’t see the quick results that you were hoping for, please take this advice. Wait 48 hours to make a change – minimum. Give the ads a chance to optimize, and see how performance is trending after this amount of time. You’ll be glad that you did. On the other hand…

5. Always Keep Testing

There is a significant difference between making frantic, uneducated changes and testing. Testing is wise. Testing will help you optimize your campaign after an appropriate amount of time. Testing will lead to the best use of your ad spend, and effective testing can allow you to quickly optimize your ads campaign.

When you launch your initial campaign, utilize A/B testing. Test various audiences on different devices, and see how the performance varies from Desktop to Mobile. Test various ads to these audiences. Use the same image and change the headline, or keep the tagline the same but use different images. Then, turn off everything besides the best-performing results and add several new tests into the mix. If you aren’t testing, you aren’t improving.

This information will help you reach audiences where they are, how they want to be reached and in a way that speaks directly to them.

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